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D marc0's Journal: My Head-fi Journey

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  1. newdm
    So the SQ of the Altone 200 is equal or better than the TF10?
    Than I should order them, until the preorder runs out.
    (sold my Tf10 due fit problems, but loved the sound quality)
    Anyway, also thank you for your great reviews, they are helpful. [​IMG]
  2. d marc0
    I personally think the Altone 200 is at a different level compared to the TF10.
    Like you, I did enjoy the TF10 but I believe time has caught up with them.
    Quite a few new IEMs even under its price range sound better simply because of advancement.
    That being said, coming from a TF10 you'll definitely enjoy the Altone 200 plus there's minimal possibility of fit problems.
    Just a fair bit of warning tho... the Altone 200 treble is more emphasized than the TF10.
    If you prefer a smoother treble, I think the Sony XBA H3 fits the bill as its quite similar to the TF10.
  3. newdm
    Yes, in the last months several promising IEM came out, Fostex TE-05, T-Peos H300 and Dunu DN 2000 are examples.
    But the Altone 200 is even more attractive, since it has (despite the bullet shape) a small housing and a very affordable price.
    The treble should not be a problem, I'm used to the TDK IE800, which is also a little bit harsh.
    Thank you very much for your help, d marc0 [​IMG] 
  4. daveyostrow
    Here is a question. Dn1000 has plenty of bass to please in my book, how do the Alton's fair?

    I concur with Marco, H3 are smooth in the highs, yet have sparkle. Xba40 are silky smooth in comparison.
  5. d marc0
     The Altone 200 has more bass impact/slam.
    Tighter bass kicks plus quicker bass decay.
    Heaps better in my opinion.
  6. daveyostrow

    You just blew my mind
  7. waynes world
    I hear a train of the hype persuasion approaching! [​IMG]
  8. UnityIsPower
  9. d marc0

    This is what I said in a separate PM... No hype, just my personal opinion.

    "Personally, I prefer the Altone 200. It's technically a bit better in all areas vs the Dunu DN-1000 and for the price, I really don't think there's one out there that can beat it. If you can handle the T-PEOS lower treble emphasis or house sound then you'll never look back with the Altone 200.
    The only reason I can think of that one will prefer the DN-1000 is because of the expansive soundstage and 3D-like presentation. It's not natural but definitely immersive and fun!"
  10. sithjedi333
    Interesting, I thought the H300 had a great 3D sound stage similar to the DN1000. Is the Altone smaller, or how would you describe it?
    Also how would you compare the treble spike vs the DN1000?
    Are mids forward or recessed compared to the Dunu?
  11. waynes world
    Cool. I trust your ears my friend, so these are sounding like the real deal for an incredible price.
  12. d marc0

    It really depends if the track calls for it and very similar to the DN2000. Test tracks from Chesky's headphone test album proves it. On the other hand the DN1000 expansive headstage is always on, that's why I consider it unnatural
  13. d marc0

    Can't really compare coz I no longer have the Dunu.

    From memory the treble is about the same and variations will depend on the tips, seal, and depth of insertion.

    Also from memory, I believe the vocals are more forward on the Altone 200. The DN1000 is slightly v-shaped while the Altone 200 is more of a u-shaped. If only I still have the dunu I can provide a more accurate comparison.
  14. waynes world
  15. d marc0
    Another revelation from the Altone 200...

    These babies love power! After setting the JDSlabs C5D to high gain, I can confidently say that this has got the best bass response I've heard from an IEM.
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