1. FeedingNation

    I can't make up my mind

    Hello! I have been reading up about good recconendatuons and reviews here on Head First. Currently, I own a Sony Nwz-e384 and a RHA Ma750, and I was thinking of upgrading my portable setup. For the mp3 player, is the current one I have considered "high resolution"? And are there any other...
  2. spitfirezip100

    Recommendations for IEM, similar to ATH-CK10 but not as bright

    Hey everyone, I've been on the hunt for a new pair of IEM's since I lost my ck10's that I bought from a member here years ago.   - Favorite IEM's: ATH-CK10 - - Source: smart phone (Galaxy s4), but open to considering something like Fiio x series - - Music: EDM, Dubstep, classic rock...
  3. Allanmarcus

    Comfort confusion

    Hello. I have three sets of IEMs with the same tips (Comply TS-500s), but two sets (DN-1000, BlueBuds X) are very comfortable, and one set (IE80) is not. Is this because of different insertion lengths? Any ideas?    Thanks
  4. Geekydaddy

    Dunu DN- 1000's OR HiFiMan - RE 600's

      I have read great reviews for both ~    I use custom UE's for band stuff and need IEM's for music listening. I have a headphone amp and player but may also use my S5 at times.    I love all types of music too. Looking in the $200 range.                                                    ...
  5. exhibitO

    Nice upgrade for DUNU DN-1000s?

    Hi fellow head-fiers.   I have the DUNU DN-1000s and they've been great. However, I want to upgrade to something better. My budget is 250-400. I want something with braided cable, nice accessories, and something thats not quite as heavy as the DN-1000s.   Can anyone recommend anything like...
  6. ThickGlasses

    DN-1000's are MEAN :(

    I tried the DN-1000 and it dropped Shure Olives into my ears! I mean, how mean is that? Couldn't it have told me it didn't wanna hang out in my ears instead of assaulting me? I don't know about DUNU, but the first thing I learned in elementary school was keep your hands (and tips!) to yourself!
  7. Rush-n-crush

    Help me choose. DN -1000, Gro7 BE, TDK 200, Sony XBA-H1, jvc fxt90, yamaha eph 100

    Or other. I love bass, listen to all genres but mostly hip hop. Also would be using the iem for heavy gaming/movies. So a big soundstage is ideal as well as good 3d imaging. I own a pair of vsd1 that sound great for $50 also a fiio e17. Any of these iems would be a biggish uograde over the vsd1?
  8. Phestezeo

    Help with ~$200 earphones?

    Hello everyone, I am in the market for a pair of ~$200 CAD earphones for school, commuting, and general at home listening. So far, out of what I have looked at, the ones that have stood out to me the most are the Yamaha EPH-100, Dunu DN-1000, and Bowers and Wilkins C5 Series 2. The music I...
  9. 12v

    IEM suggestions (long post)

    So I have spent a lot of time recently searching and reading before posting this. Ultimately the decision is going to be up to me. What I really hope to get is some good responses with some recommendations to help me narrow it down to my next purchase. I'll start off with the equipment I have...
  10. uric

    iems for rap,r&b

    Hello I mainly listen to rap,r&b and sometimes rock. I have read some reviews but still can't decide. The only reason i haven't decide to buy dunu dn-1000 is that some people say that the metal housings causing discomfort. I want to listen to music for long time period sometimes so if dunus...
  11. daanh

    iem recommendation

    Hi, I have a RSA Intruder balanced amp, which I use with a Fostex TH600. It sounds amazing, but I'd like to have IEM's also. What would be a good complimentation to the TH600? I want impactful bass, warm mids and silky highs. Some options: Hifiman re 400 Dunu dn1000 1964 quad Vsonic gr07...
  12. Frafra91

    best buy in ear 200$

    hi all, i am a new member of this fantastic forum and i want ask a question for you audiophile expert. I want an in ear headphones for my ultrabook samsung ativ book 9 2014 ed. with DAC PC-Fi Wolfson WM5102 24bit/192kHz integrated in audio card. I use foobar2000 with wasapi driver and i listen...
  13. zorin

    New A-T headphones and portable amps - CKR9 LTD * MSR7 * DN1000 USB * ESW9 LTD * W1000Z / PHA100

    New Audio Technica headphones and portable amplifiers- November 2014 releases :  1 - http://news.mynavi.jp/news/2014/10/16/520/ 2 - http://www.phileweb.com/news/d-av/201410/16/35763.html    ATH-CKR9 LTD - in ear / earphones - head-fi threads :  1...
  14. braiseworth

    Another gym headphone question.

    I need a new pair of headphones as the last pair went through the wash :/. Anyhows I don't want a £50 pair I want something properly decent. I listening to my mates shure se846 and loved them but can't justify the thick end of a grand for running and gym work lol anyways some help and guidance...
  15. Allanmarcus

    T-Peos H-150 ???

    Anyone heard of these? 3-way hybrid for $81.28USD!   http://ctcaudio.com/collections/t-peos/products/t-peos-h-150-earphones   I cannot find any info.   Thanks,   Allan
  16. synesthesiac

    Recommendation for Better fitting ATH IM50s

    Quick question: A dog just ate my IM50s (pretty epic story). They were my first IEMs and I really enjoyed them (had them for 2 months), so I'm fine stepping it up a bit. I'm willing to pay ~$150, and I'd like another pair of IEMs with bass at least as good and better fitting if possible. I also...
  17. ostewart

    Fidue, New IEM company from china with some promising models including a Hybrid design.

    Hello Headfiers   Again, I shall be announcing a new brand called Fidue, they have been mentioned in the Chinese models thread, but I think they deserve a thread of their own as their products seem very promising and it would be great to have a feedback thread.   Fidue are a new brand...
  18. ohcrapgorillas

    What are the best budget dynamic/BA hybrid IEMs?

    I know of and own the quite spectacular Sony MH1--undoubtedly one of the best price to performance ratios in the headphone world, and also one of the worst-designed cables--but I'm not really aware of any other budget to mid-fi priced hybrid IEMs out there. I did find a IEM hybrid thread but it...
  19. ElephantAudio

    Hifiman RE 400 replacement for a better reliable IEM ....

    Hi, need to replace my Hifiman RE 400 with as good and /or better in approx. same price range. Looking for something I can be comfortable with cable over the ear, I'm wearing glasses.   If Hifiman RE 400 are very good to for me with sound (I'm listening to a lot of lossless rock and...
  20. Brooko

    REVIEW : Fidue A81 - Warm, Smooth, Dynamic, Fun !

    Before I start, I'll just explain the reason for this thread.   I was given an opportunity a little over a week ago to try the Fidue A81, and after posting a review in the product section - I've continued using the Fidue A81 (alongside my A83).  Each time I pick up the A81, I'm continually...
  21. Metalomaniac

    Help a newbie with an amp and LOD

    I just bought Sony F886, and am looking for a portable amp and LOD combo. The DAP has enough power to drive my Kef m200 and Sennheiser CX300 IEMs. But if I want to really blast with the Kefs, I'd need more power on the go.   My research has more or less settled on FiiO E11, perhaps with an...
  22. earfonia

    Review and comparison of DUNU DN-1000, DN-2000, & JVC HA-FX850

      These 3 IEMs are some of the best IEMs I've ever heard, regardless of the price. I don't have any particular reason for comparing them, just happen to have them, so i thought to write some reviews and comparison for these 3 wonderful IEMs would be interesting.   Both DUNU DN-1000 and...
  23. slytherin

    Good IEM for less than 100

    Yeah just looking for a good earphone for less than 100 dollars.
  24. Ardothewan

    Any suggestion $200-300 range, listen mostly to EDM/pop, IEMs

    Hey guys was looking for some suggestions as into what brands to look into. I'm budgeting $200-300 for some IEM's. I listen mostly to EDM (trance/house mostly) and pop but my music library is filled with everything from classic rock, classical music, hip hop etc. Looking for something with clean...
  25. Frafra91

    Indecision: DUNU DN 1000 o DN 2000 for all musical genres

    Hi all, i must choice an new IEM about 300$. I listen many musical genres for ex: 30 seconds to mars, apparat. digitalism, b.o.b, tinie tempah, eminem, bruno mars, blink 182, bon jovi, chevelle, coldplay, deadmau5, david guetta, evanescence, fall out boy, foo fighters, green day, incubus...