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Custom IEM Tips v Triple Flanges & Foam

  1. malifact
    Hi, I tried doing a search but couldn't find a similar thread.  I recently purchased a pair of custom IEM tips and went through the process of having ear impressions done etc.  The sound quality with the custom tips is really good, but I was surprised that the isolation wasn't better.  At first I thought maybe my impressions had been taken incorrectly, or I wasn't inserting the tips properly.  The company I purchased them from were very helpful and sent one of their agents to my work to check , but he said I was inserting the tips properly and there was no sound leaking out.  I'm probably being stupid, but I thought the isolation would be a lot better with custom tips.  However, I get much better isolation using triple flange tips or Comply foam / Shure olives.  Can anyone who has had custom IEMs or tips done tell me if this is normal?
  2. lolhart
    I don't own custom IEMs or custom tips, but I would have thought the isolation would be better than with form or triple flanges.  I thought the whole idea of custom IEMS was that they fit the individual's ear canal exactly?  I'd be curious if anyone knows anything about this, as I was thinking of getting custom tips.
  3. Ivabign
    If you rub your fingers together next to your ears (with music off - lol) can you hear them? You shouldn't with a proper seal.
  4. malifact
    I can't hear my fingers rubbing together. Another thing is that I can easily move the tips up and down in the canal when I have them inserted. I wouldn't have thought that would be possible, or am I mistaken?
  5. davidcotton
    See if that's any use.  Also what are your tips made from, acrylic or silicone?
  6. malifact
    Thank you.  I tried the test and the 500Hz tone is louder than the 50Hz but not by a great deal.
    The tips are made from silicone.  I specifically wanted them made from silicone as I read in another thread here that it was more isolating than acrylic.

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