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Custom art PRO330V2 review

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  1. terry1109
    Custom art pro330v2 review
    During the rapid growth of the portable audio industry, Poland has been the new rising star in this industry, with famous brands like spiral ears, lime ears etc. custom art is one the newest competitor into the industry, but please do not be fool by this ‘new entry’ company, peter/Piotr as the man behind this has a great amount of experience before hand, as a review & D.I.Y er’s. 


    Custom art is the new step to his ambition and dedication towards the audio world, and custom art does offer a whole selection of silicone ciem, ear tips and cable etc. There are 2 series of silicone ciem, and the first is the pro series, with the 1, 2 and 3 driver models, which are intended for both stage use and audiophile. The second is the music series, with the 1 and 2 driver models, and this line is more focus for the audiophile. Such separation reminds me of the westone um series and westone series, which gives a great range of choice for the customers.


    What I have on hand for review is their current flagship model which is the pro330v2, the newest version of the pro330, and the solution to the damper failing issue which occurs to the previous version. I have chosen sky blue with a gradient clear canal and custom art company logo on the faceplate. The package also includes pelican box, soft case, wax removal tool and drying aid, which keeps the moisture from building up. The sky blue is clear which enables a clear look on the drivers, wiring and a clear view on how they are arrange into this master piece. The wiring shows the left side is blue and right side as red, a very user friendly design which avoids mix up when wearing them.


    The shells are smooth with a good layer of lacquer on top which gives it a glossy look, along with a few small bubble in between, but the amount is totally acceptable. But there is a slight fitting issue on the right side, near the triangular fossa region, causing the ciem not able to sit completely in my right ear, not sitting as steady as the left side, which I believe is an easy fix for peter.


    Despite the problem it has, the absolute comfort makes the silicone shell extra special, it is comfortable in my ears like it doesn’t exist, which surpasses acrylic in a different level. Isolation is another advantage, it’s better than the acrylic, but only a small improvement over it. During the isolation test in the metro subway, I can still hear surrounding sound and metro broadcast when I wear the ciem with small volume of music, but It is definitely less obvious then the acrylic.


    The sound of the pro330v2 is tilted towards a warm signature, musical with high resolution, detail and laid back. Such characteristic provides a smooth and fatigue free listening experience, an atmosphere where I can listen to them for hours without feeling fatigue, which is suitable to those who listen to music for long period of time in a daily basis.


    The bass is not neither deep nor strong, but refine and crisp, with slight warmth in addition. The bass can achieve a great depth, but it doesn't possess a very bassy sound. The decay is slower than expect, linger a bit before it dissipate. It is also very well balanced with the rest of the spectrum, and it can deliver a dynamic & quality bass when the music demands for it. Therefore it is not an earphone for those bass enthusiasts, but a fair amount which will satisfy most audiophile.  


    The presentation of the mid is smooth, laid back and well center. The vocal and the instrument are well position with great layering, and align with the vocal sitting in the center slightly ahead of the instrument. The timbre is well positioned and natural sounding, along with great extension, which result in a very clear, clean and well balanced sound. And the sound is not fatiguing but the detail still remains, an earphone which is capable of both is not common, cause the usual case is where the sound signature has a high detail with fatiguing sound or the other way around,  peter did a great job in nailing the problem and found a happy medium between the two. Extension is not that exciting, but pleasing and sufficient with the addition on an airy sound.


    The overall sound is coherent, where each spectrum is well connected and a very impressive imaging, it’s accurate with a good sense of direction. The soundstage is not huge nor exciting, but sufficient enough to please a lot of audiophile with its quality. The pro330v2 provides a very unique experience to user, if everyone is interested in looking for a warm yet balance signature, look no further because the pro330v2 might the one for the job.


    Peter has successful launched the custom art with the large variety of product, especially the silicone ciem, where only a handful of company provides ciem in silicone. But custom art entry models is the one making this company stands out from competitor, where they provide a high value to performance ratio silicone ciem, the pro100 and the music one.  Before the existence of custom art, the silicone ciem cost a lot higher than acrylic and one driver model are rarely in the market. And the custom art higher end models provides a tuning so unique and different to what most other brand has achieved, especially when demo units are widely available in Hong Kong, the custom art has brought me nothing but surprise.


      DSC01906.jpg DSC01907.jpg

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  2. tm.chen
    Nice write up. Mirrors my initial impressions perfectly.
    What is that sticking out from your X3? The amount of wiring is disgusting. LOL
  3. terry1109
    a match to your impression, that's a great time to hear
    it proves this is the actual sound of the pro330
    but is your one a v2 model, or an earlier one?
    p.s. that's the jumper sticking out, i forgot to plug the other side
  4. tm.chen
    Mine is a v2 now after my v1 failed on me for the 2nd time.
    I would say that v2 and v1 are very similar in SQ  but this is based on fuzzy memory.
  5. terry1109
    Well..... i am sending my one back for refit and to fix some minor issues, lets hope it will come back with the problems solved. But i will definately keep you guys updated.
  6. tm.chen
    Care to PM me what the issues are?
  7. terry1109
    nothing major, not worth the pm
    but i keep update with the progress on the refit
    let's hope everything runs smoothly
  8. reddragon
    hey nice write up, how much does it cost and how does it compare with more expensive ciems if you have them in your inventory or have heard them?
  9. terry1109
    price: 2300PLN
    i don't have a more expensive ciem, but one with a similar pricing, which is my heir audio 4a
    what unique about pro330v2 is that the tuning is more laid back and relax
    rather than a more aggressive and dynamic sound signature that i have experienced on other flagship ciem, such as JH audio 16a and fitear 335.
    which enables me to enjoy music for longer period without feeling fatigue. 
    therefore i would say its a totally different thing, and which one is better is a subjective thought.
  10. reddragon
    i see, how about in technicalities though?
  11. LionPlushie
    Just one question.
    Is yours the S or the P tuning?
  12. terry1109
    P or S ver. are no long available
    v2 is the latest and only ver of the pro330 
    and the info below is from the official announcement of the pro330v2
    In response to failing dampers (issue that is wondering me and now TWO major damper manufactures but causing real pain for customers) we decided to redesign Pro330!
    After long nights of comparing graphs, soldering crossovers and playing with tubings...here comes the new Pro330v2!
    Our main goal was to retain original sound quality and signature and fit right in between previous S and P tuning. We were able to preserve the most important parts of Pro330's sound - ultra-fast yet deep lows, smoothed and slightly warmed mids and precise highs.
    With completely redesigned crossover (now 2way) and new damper-free acoustic setup, Pro330v2 improves over previous model (yes! 2way is actually better!). We were able to completely cut out sibilance without sacrificing highs' extension. We minimized interference between woofer and tweeter. Plus now all drivers work in one phase!
    Pro330v2 is now great for daily use and even better tool for studio and stage monitoring!

  13. terry1109
    just received information that my pro330v2 is on its back to me, what a relief that is
    i gave out a few points for adjustment and peter fixed it without question
    customer service are top class and i am greatly appreciated
    will definitely post more photos and more info later once i received the package

  14. whoever
    how could i miss this post.....i guess this is what happens when you're not on Facebook! [​IMG]
    Anyway, nice write up! 
    I'm waiting for my v2 too since i got the exact same problem, twice also.....but it was actually quite a smooth problem to solve every time because of the spotless aftermarket service from Piotr, always responding in between hours, even late, even on weekends...the man never seems to rest![​IMG]
    I'm quite curious about the sound change, i liked the v1 a lot, the vocals were stunning! 
    can't wait! I'll have mine hopefully before the 5th february 
  15. terry1109
    info added on the soundstage, i hope its sufficient to solve your quires 
    for curious sake, would u mind to compare the differences between v1 and v2 model? 
    and i just got my pro330v2 back today, all problems solved 
    gonna do a bit more listening before posting any comments
    oh gosh, the sweet vocal and the crispy bass are simply addictive
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