Curing Audiophilia Nervosa

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by watchnerd, Jan 18, 2016.
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  1. ev13wt
    Original beat by dre also made a lot of people smile. :)

    But I know what you are saying. :)
  2. gazzington
    Thing is those beats 2 are fun but only if you get them for a low price. Obviously hd800s make me smile more but for hip hop I prob do prefer beats, noontec or monster DNA.
  3. Killcomic
    But really, people listen to music to enjoy music, not to impress audiophiles.
    To be honest, if Beats made me smile, I would've bought them.... unfortunately they make me face palm.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  4. Redcarmoose
    A huge part of this hobby is going back and hearing old 1970s Classic Rock which was what everyone was into. The party rock stuff like Led Zeppelin or Judas Priest is great to listen to today, especially if you have new gear that shows more detail. It's hearing songs you may have known for 30 years but better gear may show little extras, like multi guitar tracks or room echo on the drums.

    Somehow there is simply something special about it like needing glasses then getting glasses, then seeing a painting you know and love in better detail than before. It's actually slightly more pretty.

    This maybe goes against the theme of the thread? But this always remains a true and lasting audiophile concept. As our ears start to loose the high frequency hearing, you simply replace it with better gear.
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  5. dysonapr
    I learned a valuable lesson in 1975. A friend played Stanley Clarke's "School Days" on his father's QUAD + Thorens system (very high-end then). It sounded glorious. I bought the record and played it on the system I could afford at the time. It did not sound remotely as good.

    Do not listen to (or even look at) gear you cannot afford, or objectively justify to yourself even if you can. In this context, ignorance really is bliss.
  6. Killcomic
    This holds true today, but I think this is more relevant to things like headphones and speakers.
    I'm in the mind that even cheap sources these days will provide you with perfectly faithful sound reproduction.
  7. MisterMudd
    Regarding cheap sources I could not agree more. My Benjie K9 has awesome mids, which I can't pull out of my other daps. That said, it still has a very balanced sound to it.
  8. bigshot
    Usually, the main reason to buy one DAP or DAC or amp over another is features.
  9. Killcomic
    Or if you like the way it colours the sound.
    My Fiio x1 2nd gen colours the sound when in headphone mode by upping the mid/low bass. When in line out mode, it sounds perfectly flat and just like any other sorce.
    I'm starting to believe cheap DAPs colour the sound to make cheap IEMs sound better.
  10. bigshot
    The DAP isn't coloring the sound. You're just getting a different impedance. The DAP is putting out the same sound, it just interacts with the headphones differently. With line out all DAPs should sound the same.
  11. JaeYoon
    It makes really just funny how people shell out money for daps in $1000 to $3000+ range from ibasso to sony to A&K, etc
  12. Killcomic
    So you have to get matching headphones to ensure the sound is transparent?
    Just when I things got simpler, it just gets trickier!
    It appears that to enjoy this hobby you need a degree in electrical engineering.
  13. JaeYoon
    The bonus is if you got one though. You can avoid most audiophile products.

    You can pick non-expensive but perfectly fine audio equipment and save a lot of money compared to others on this site.

    Well you don't need an EE degree. Just some looking around and looking up terms and articles and this part of the site :p
  14. Killcomic
    Don't get me wrong, I've learned a lot from hanging around here but it always seems like there's another rabbit hole I've missed.
    I feel that my X1ii and my LS70 work pretty well together, shame about the lag though.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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  15. 71 dB
    Degree in electric engineering helps. At least I feel that way myself.
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