Curing Audiophilia Nervosa

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by watchnerd, Jan 18, 2016.
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  1. 71 dB
    Thanks for your words and interest WoodyLuvr!
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  2. Redcarmoose
    It probibly starts simply with finding how better stereos made albums sound more interesting in youth. Still in many ways after that very first confirmation, the wicked ego started to creep in.

    Seeking fidelity in reproduction is probibly admirably nice. Still it can be zero to sixty to where the hobby can take the ego from the level of normality and common sense to creating a monster. I balance it out by enjoying really laughably cheap gear. Still ever so often I find myself becoming that doosh flaunting his Rolex.

    It's the ugly "this equipment is who I am" making up maybe psychologically for the father that told you, you were not good enough, or simply that competitive spirit that can go off the tracks.

    In essence, finding out who you are and what hole you need to fill is the key to stopping the madness and enjoying mid-Fi with a smile.
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  3. JaeYoon
    That's the thing. In another thread people are rumbling out to a $25 dap. That other people with daps in $1,000+ range would be like "yeah but mine has way better instrument seperation, much airer, deeper and wider soundstage, well defined bass and higher detailed and clarity and resolution"

    I noticed theres several camps where people just listen to their audio systems instead of the music like we came to this site originally for.

    I mean it was a whack to me noticing those who spent $25 are having fun with their purchase and just listening to their music.

    I began thinking of all of this. I've pms by a couple of members saying things like "don't waste money on midfi products. You buy totl and you get the best"

    But they are just relying on audio system.
    People can enjoy music without best audio products.
  4. theveterans
    Agree 100%. After hearing a fair amount of TOTL setups, I still stick with my mid-fi setup as the diminishing returns are not worth it for me. Anyways, I enjoy music on my system just as equally good as those TOTL setups.
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  5. JaeYoon
    All my stuff is also mid-fi!

    I don't want to be at the summit of mountain anyways. Things are too hectic up there. With rising prices of totl iems.
    Nothing will convince me to step up there.

    I'd rather join you all just below the summit where it's nice and peaceful. Less hectic and crazy money spending.

    Live comfortably and still be happy. I know a member here who wanted totl iems and used affirm loan financing to do it. I would never finance audio equipment no matter how good.

    A house maybe. A car in emergency yes. Audio system no.
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  6. SilverEars
    Well this hobby is akin to people that are greater open-ness to paying for expensive outfits(it's about where you place most of your monetary value for the disposable income). Mid-fi price range changes relative to the most recent caps, and with the popularity in this hobby, the range is strenching wider and wider to ridiculously dimishing pricing zones, which as the case for home hifi speakers setups for a long time as well.

    I agree that there are two facets, listening for the arts or the performance of the gear, and focus too much on gear takes away from the art. But, as audiophiles we strive to hear the recording's as full of a potential that the recording allows, and involves fine tuning the chain of our setups. But yes, I agree that in this process I tend to spend less time just listening for the music now a days, always hoping it can sound better. LOL.
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  7. JaeYoon
    Also I removed member's name and stuff, but here are posts/PMs sent to me by them. When someone becomes obsessed with TOTL products, this is what happens.
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  8. bigshot
    If you're smart with how you balance your stuff, you can do just as well with mid-fi equipment as you can with high end- at least with electronics. The exception to that is transducers. That takes quality because it's mechanical. I've never listed my equipment in my sig file because the equipment isn't what makes my system sound good. You could go out and buy a lot of the exact same things and it wouldn't sound good. The thing that makes my system sound great is the way I've calibrated and balanced it. I'm the secret. Not brand names and models. There is another thing that audiophiles do that really shows that it's like jewelry to them, not just a tool to reproduce sound. They put their equipment front and center between their speakers so you stare at the green glow while you listen. It's like an altar to electronics!
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  9. JaeYoon
    I think audiophiles do worship electronics over music itself.
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  10. castleofargh Contributor
    IEM are not high fidelity items in the first place, we pick them to have something small, or something that isolates. Those are the reasons pushing us toward IEMs instead of better stuff like fullsize headphones or speakers. Yet those reasons end up being irrelevant for pricing.
    And then objective evaluation standards for IEMs are nonexistent. Manufacturers will usually give no evidence of objective quality. It's all about fame, price, and gimmicks like meaningless race for more drivers. So of course things are going to be crazy real fast. And many who can't try the gear before purchase, and don't want to only follow the FOTM, will hang on to the last pretense of rationality that society forced onto them: "higher prices mean better".
    Except that if there is one place where that idea is unreliable and highly subjective, it's this audiophile market. We can hardly correlate price consistently with anything. Not signature, not size, not isolation, not distortion levels.
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  11. Redcarmoose

    This video sums it up in a lot of ways. I have no issue with the store or any of their sales logic. For me I'm just a fish out of water and don't have the experience or understanding to verify the extra added sound enhancements presented.

    That said in many ways the video presents the full encasement of TOTL behavior and value systems. It has the vibration tuners and cable elevators. I'm not saying that this stuff doesn't work, just showing the mindset offering how it is offered as another extra to possibly gain the last fragment of SQ.

    How does this relate to the thread?

    It simply shows the thought processes of the audio consumer at the final point of consumption where there are no limits. And much of this language is like politics where it's only going to be offensive to those who find their values differ. To the koolaid drinkers it's the vocabulary for
    those "special" few with special ears and special bank statements.
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  12. JaeYoon
    Also reading posts like this makes me lose brain cells. Like as if this cool sounding new marketed DAC the ESS 9028 PRO! is like some sort of status symbol of being better!

    Thanks for the share with the video!
  13. bigshot
    That room appears to have no treatment, that jog opposite the left speaker and that weird tight area with the couch opposite the screen can't possibly sound good. Listen to their voices in the room. The sound is bouncing around like crazy. I bet with all that equipment, it still sounds mediocre.
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  14. JaeYoon
    looks like he's gonna have to sell the whole room on Selling section on this site.
    Once he finds out it's not "Audio Nirvana"
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  15. SilverEars
    That's juat generalized remarks without objective evidance. LOL. If there were no high fedelity, this hobby would't be where is at.

    Objectivity should correlate well with measurements and it should determine linearly determine performance, which isn't strictly the case and is wishful thinking. What can you place with measurements that correlate to performance, or are you calling off everything as subjective? Do you have headphones and gears you'd consider to have higher fidelity over others? Objective experiences do require emperical experiences, not speculations.
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