crossfeed rotary switch question
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Nov 30, 2001
Hi everyone,

I purchased a Lorlin 3P4T rotary switch from Mouser (PT# 105-14573) and have a question. The description says that there are 2-4 user selectable positions. Now I only need 3 for my crossfeed selector for my Hansen, however I cannot turn the post at all. Do I need to open the part up and do something inside? Has anyone used this type of switch? I tried calling Mouser, but they are closed during the weekends. This is my only day off in two weeks and could use an answer. Thanks all.
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With some rotary switches, there's a nut you remove that allows you to take off a ring with a tab that acts as a stop and reinsert said ring into the hole for the requisite number of positions required. Whew.
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Thanks Ellen. Did the post get easier to turn over time? Or did you have to keep those pliers handy?
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I think the point was that you'd do well to install a knob on the post first?
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In the future, finleyville, a solution you might find more tolerable is to get a 4P3T switch, which is physically identical, but is wired differently and has only 3 positions. You simply leave one of the poles unwired. (I'm assuming you're doing the Meier Enhanced Bass crossfeed -- that's the only one I'm familiar with that requires 3 poles.)
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I've never been able to find a 3T switch of any type, no matter how many poles you want. Thinking about how toggles work, I'm not surprised -- it would be difficult mechanically to have more than 2 "throws" in a toggle. Plus, even if someone worked out how to do this, the switches would no doubt be bloody expensive. A 4P3T rotary switch costs in the $6-8 neighborhood, but a 3P2T toggle (the closest you can get) is in the $9-14 neighborhood. I'd expect a 3P3T toggle to be over $20.
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There is of course the DIY route- using 3 3PST or 1 3PST and a 3PDT...

Heck, it would be kind of cool since you could fiddle around with the crossfeed amouts in relation to the bass boost and whatnot...
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Thank you Ellen, Tangent, and Eric. The post needed some elbow grease that's all. It's a shame really that you guys along with Jude, Gluegun, ChuMoy, and the helpful others don't receive some sort of tutors stipend for all the help you provide for the clueless out there including me. I guess you'll just have to live with the personal satisfaction from a job well done.
Thanks again and maybe next time I'll come up with a problem that stumps even you guys!

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