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Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by earfonia, Feb 22, 2015.
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  1. brazzmonkey
    Just a quick message to say that I experience occasional cracks and pops with USB 3.0, though it seems they occur when not in direct mode.
    I also had issues trying to connect X7 control app with bluetooth (this could be related to my phone, not the X7), but today I realised I can use X7 control via the dedicated USB! I didn't remember reading about such feature in user manual.

    I wish direct mode could be enabled with a physical button instead of X7 control.
  2. tmaxx123
    Host mode is cool, just sucks that it’s limited to 48khz.... only way to get 192khz is via optical or usb to your computer, I believe.

    I Wish that side USB port wasn’t limited like that
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  3. ColinMacLaren
    I plugged the X7 into a completely different wall mount (which is is on a different electrical circuit), swapped thr original OP AMPS back in and the hissing on the right headphone channel is still there.
  4. Onik
    The hissing is caused by electromagnetic interference/noise coming from your power supply which is what you are hearing I guess, your headphones cable is acting like an antenna so it’s picking up noise.

    I have similar ongoing issues but with my xm7 speakers and now I am waiting for my power conditioner that might eliminate the humming/white noise if not I’ll upgrade my speakers wires to high quality ones.
  5. halcyon
    Very unlikely that is caused by the PSU, as it is in one channel only (if it truly is one channel only).

    For me, channel imbalances and noise levels were increased when I swapped the OpAmps (to Sparkos).

    Using an audio-quality, non-switched, regulated (and measured by myself) external power supply with extra double ferrite rings on the USB cable AND a USB isolator & USB dejitter-dongle helped ZERO with this noise.

    However, in my case, the noise floor rising was on both channels, and only happened when I changed the OpAmps (and didn't do the other ugprades).

    I'd guess that his X7 is just faulty or has worse tolerances on the right channel, where the hissing is heard.
  6. rollie
    Just wanted to give my experiences on using the x7 with a ps4 pro. Initially I was getting pops/crackles every ~2 minutes. I read the entire internet on potential solutions.

    PS4 pro > x7 > akg k702 ( no mic right now ) super basic setup right now using primarily for gaming

    Using the mobile app I;
    made sure none of my volumes were maxed out - didn't fix it
    muted anything I wasn't using using the mobile app - didn't fix it
    tried different cables - didn't fix it
    got a thor power conditioner - didn't fix it
    tried toggling direct mode on/off - didn't fixt it
    tried direct mode - didn't fix it

    ...finally decided to connect my mac to the unit and see if there were any extra options in the mac app. well I found the recording option, which isn't an option in the mobile app ( or at least it's hidden ) muting this fixed the issue right away.

    Don't know if this will help anyone, but wanted to share this.
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  7. illram
    I don't know if it's the same thing but sometimes I get pops like digital static. Intermittent and fractions of a second, but nonetheless annoying. I always have muted recording as well.

    For me, honestly they just seemed to magically disappear. I haven't heard them in a while. I was never able to figure out if it was something I changed or just the unit has a mind of it's own. One thing I have noticed is I have never heard them since I used an external amp. Dunno.
  8. ElectronicTonic
    Yeah, I also get the intermittent pops with PS4, super annoying. The only "fix" I have found is just shutting off the power and restarting everything. I'll see if muting the recording option does anything, I feel like I've tried that though. Thanks for the tip rollie, even if it doesn't work. :)
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  9. ls13coco
    Been using the X7 with Sparkos op-amps for quite some time now, still very happy. But, I've been buying more and more headphones and want to treat the HP's (and my ears) to a bit more options.

    I'm wondering if there's some Dac suggestions people have taken to as a step up, without breaking the bank? (i.e no higher cost than the X7 itself).

    I'd ask the same about amps, but I think I may have narrowed that down.. keeping and using my X7 either way, just want some options that wouldn't be a downgrade!
  10. Yethal
    By adding an external dac to the chain you make the Sparkos opamps redundant since they are not used at all then. As a person who did literally the same thing (fully sparkosed X7 outputting to external dac):
    Either buy an amp only and use X7 as a dac or sell the sparkos to somebody else. Otherwise you're letting a great piece of gear go to waste.
  11. ls13coco
    Oh no, I mean I'll still be using the X7 in it's full form, I just want to have an additional dac and amp to play around with, preferably with no less SQ. Won't be plugging anything into the X7 that isn't already running through it.
  12. raband
    I'd look at the Massdrop x AAA 789 or the JDS Atom Amps first and feed them from the X7 (can still use all the X7 features)

    Either will feed the cans you have with a bit more legroom than the X7 does.

    Massdrop one has balanced if you want to futureproof, but maybe waiting a while for the next drop.

    To me the amp in the X7 is the "weak link", not the DAC
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  13. ls13coco
    The 789 is actually my plan, cool to hear the reassurance yet again of it being recommended.
    I'm curious as to a better hybrid tube amp than my LD1+ as well, but that's later.

    The X7 Dac us that good hey? Good to know, u don't really have experience when any others, my bank account may thank you.
    I am wondering though, what is the best way to EQ while using foobar wasapi and X7 direct mode? It seems only in this scenario that the X7 EQ does not function, and equalizer apo doesn't seem to play with wasapi.
  14. Yethal
    You can always buy Schiit Loki and EQ in the analog domain
  15. Onik
    Why the f$$$$ my brand new XM7 brown hissing while using it with SB X7??
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