Cosmic Ears BA2 or BA3?
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Oct 25, 2012
Hey Head-Fi
I'm 19 and currently looking at investing in some Custom IEMs
I'm really looking closely at Cosmic ears as they have a great lineup with good build quality but I'm having some trouble deciding between the BA2 and BA3. With a few little personal customisations these would come out to $288 and $410, respectively. These prices are not including the ~$150 or so for the audiologist impressions and shipping to Sweden from Australia.
I'm happy to pay the extra money if the sound quality is going to be noticeably better, but otherwise I'll likely go with the BA2s. Can anyone here offer any input or give any general thoughts on the topic?
For reference I would be moving up from a pair of Shure SE215s
Any thought would be greatly appreciated.

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