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Converting MP3 to Flac good or bad idea?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by aurabullet, May 2, 2011.
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  1. xnor
    Depending on the encoder and settings used, the lowpass filter can be around 15.5 kHz with 128 kbps. Unless you're old or have hearing damage you should definitely be able to hear a difference in an ABX test.
    Encoders also have changed a lot over the years and I can imagine that an old 128 kbps mp3 could sound very bad compared to a recently encoded one. Guess you're outta luck unless you have a lossless 'archive' or the original CDs.
  2. matbhuvi
    My goal is to reduce the noice, clipping, pops in my 128kbps collection. The izotope software is good..but it is pricey..I am looking for some freeware.
  3. Shrapnel
    How do you know (before actually hearing FLAC format songs) if it's genuinely FLAC or is it mp3 to FLAC converted songs? Is there any noticeable technical details?
  4. xnor
    Analyzing spectrograms can be helpful but there's no way to be absolutely sure unless you rip the CDs yourself.
  5. Shrapnel
    appreciate the info xnor, though analyzing specrtograms can be a pain in the @**. Well gotta live by it. :)
  6. FastEddyG2
    if the "original" music file is mp3 and you want to play it in a standard CD player (not an mp3 player) then you must convert it to flac. [​IMG]
  7. kraken2109
    This thread is from 2011....
  8. earthpeople
    and the statement is also not true
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