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Converting MP3 to Flac good or bad idea?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by aurabullet, May 2, 2011.
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  1. aurabullet
    As title states, finding music in flac format is a hassle, and cd ripping is pretty expensive x.x
  2. bik2101
    you can't upconvert. mp3--> flac is not possible
  3. aurabullet
    :frowning2:, i thought i did my research right too
  4. kyuuketsuki
    Horrible idea. You can upconvert, but it will do no good, except create a larger file with the same audio quality. When you convert to a lossy format (.mp3 for instance) you are removing some information from the file for the sake of size preservation. Once lost that information can never be brought back, not unless you have the original media on hand, but then you'd just be reripping and not transcoding. 
    BTW... is it wrong that upon reading this topic I instantly thought of the Animaniacs and considered replying in that manner?....
    Know what? I shall anyway...
    Good Idea: Taking a CD and ripping it into the FLAC format. [insert scene of a happy head-fier][​IMG]
    Bad Idea: Taking a 192kbps mp3 and transcoding it into FLAC format [insert scene of a head-fier's head being blown up from poor audio quality] (no smiley to depict this, sorry)
  5. bik2101
    yeah.. well i meant impossible in the sense that your attemptoing to go from lossy to lossless = impossible. 
  6. Redcarmoose
    37.2 MB (39,021,032 bytes)   FLAC Normalized
    9.38 MB (9,838,222 bytes)     Mp3 before a FLAC was made     I read the bic2101 and thought I would give it a try. Sounds better now normalized but I'm a purest and I think this is a waist of time. Leave Mp3s as they are.
    Correction....................I can not tell the difference in the Mp3 prenormalized and the FLAC normalized. The two files sound the same.
  7. danroche
    It's possible and harmless but will not give you any benefit. The only reason to do this would be in the distant future, when the last iPod standing is about to sunset the MP3 format, FLAC still survives (maybe) and you want to keep jamming to your favorite old MP3s.  As far as which format will last longer, my money would be on MP3, as it's still the king lossy format while FLAC is just one of a dozen equivalent lossless ones.
  8. TheDreamthinker
    why don't you try it yourself and see whether it works for you?
    I'm using dbPowerAmp Music Convertor to get from lossy to lossless......why shouldn't it work
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  9. Roller


    Converting lossy to lossless is a HORRENDOUS idea, and should never be done for it serves no purpose, other than increasing the world's quota of bad FLACs.
  10. TheDreamthinker
    But honestly 192kbps is really worth converting, for me.
    In my ears the difference between 192 and Flac in very noticeable.
  11. Satellite_6


    Going from lossy to lossless is impossible, as already stated.
  12. TheDreamthinker


    i am very sorry, but i don't understand what you mean.
    do you mean that converters only resize the songs?
  13. Roller


    Converting, for instance, a lossy 192kbps file to lossless will give you a perfect reproduction of a 192kbps lossy file on the size of a lossless file. No gains there whatsoever.
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  14. NoKTurNal


    Yes, exactly
    When you rip from a CD into FLAC (Lossless)
    The details and quality is there, straight from the original.
    This the best (and only 0.o) option we should be doing.
    From here, yes you can rip the FLAC into mp3
    HOWEVER doing the opposite would just waste your time and storage
    Ripping a CD into mp3 (Lossy)
    Already, mp3 is a compressed format, meaning it will lose detail and quality over size
    THAT detail and quality is LOST for good.
    Ripping into FLAC would just increase that space, not gaining any advantages in audio quality.
  15. Dzjudz
    Compare a small cup (MP3) to a large cup (FLAC). The original CD has as much water (song info) as will fill the large cup.

    If you fill the large cup with water you have all the water (song info).

    If you fill the small cup, you will lose some water (song info) forever.

    Now if you take what you have in the small cup and put it in the large cup you still only have as much water as was in that small cup, except you still take up a large cup of space.

    So going from MP3 to FLAC will not make the file sound any better, if will only take up much more space on your Hard Drive.

    If you want better quality, you really have to rip FLAC straight from the CD.
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