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Consonance "Suzanne" 32-384 DSD128 Portable Music Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by hakushondaimao, May 28, 2015.
  1. hakushondaimao
    Just received a review unit of the Opera Consonance "Suzanne" portable music player today, and thought I'd start a thread on it. First some unboxing pics:
    Last shot is next to the new Fiio X5 2nd generation. You can see that Suzanne is a beast! Almost 1' thick. With the leather holster on, close to 1.5" Good heft and solid construction; this feels like a quality product.
    Only physical button is for Power on the top of the device next to headphone and line out. The things that look like buttons below the display on the front are virtual "buttons", but on touch-sensitive glass. When you want to pocket it (perhaps with painter pants you can pocket it), touching the power button turns off the screen and all touch sensing. Push power again and the screen comes on, and button functionality returns.
    Listening to it now (had to upgrade firmware) and it sounds great. No time to compare against anything, but it powers my 470 ohm ATH-R70x to good loudness and nice SQ without any external amplification (although it was close to max. - about 90-95/100 - on the volume). Switched to HD650 and beautiful at around 85/100 on volume. Beethoven's 3rd Cello Sonata (Timora Rosler on Cello, Klara Wurtz on Piano) sounded UNBELIEVABLE, with wonderful space and texture, and superb micro detail on both piano and cello (especially cello).
    Retail on the is $699 (American). That's pretty decent for what I've heard so far. More to come.
  2. Shawn71
    Nice Color combo, but huge in size.....Too much DAPs bet $350-$700 price tag.
  3. hakushondaimao

    This one is meant to compete against DAPs twice the price. Will be comparing against Cayin N6 and Fiio X5ii in the next week or so.
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  4. Shawn71

    K, Nice to see comparisons bet $700-$1399 DAPs,especially, when you say so..... interested to see the comparo on those 2.... And btw isn't it N6?. Yeah,it wld be nice to add the tech specs.....
  5. hakushondaimao

    N6 is correct. Edited my original post. Thanks. Will compare next week, and try to get specs up sooner. Which spec exactly are you looking for?
  6. hakushondaimao
    Thought I'd post a few more pics of Suzanne... She's a lovely DAP. Gave her some more time today, and was impressed. Jazz, a little classic 70's rock, now some Massive Attack. Great details and lovely balanced tone. Review will be upcoming.
  7. Philll
    Thought I would make a comment on your recent purchase of the Suzanne player ...Best money you ever spent on audio...
    After months of waiting for the current model it was finally delivered a couple of weeks ago, and was well worth the wait, I can only give this device accolades, there's nothing I have heard in a portable audio device that comes even close to the Suzanne, in fact it can easily keep up to many true hi end audio systems, I have an audio room full of Opera audio gear that I've used once since Susie arrived, (it's a bit cold in there)
    I have been very well entertained  (shocked /surprised /stunned) plugged into my Denon AD-H2000 cans that are far from the best  but still very good except for REAL Gut Busting  Bass Punch, I have to use the Audio room for that but if you are normal this combination is scary good.
    Have you tried playing single bit files to an outboard DAC ? also how do you find battery life, I'm  getting two and a half hours from a full charge using the cans (analogue output) and hoping it gets better.
    I found it difficult to acquire a 75ohm lead with the correct configuration of connectors in Australia and had to get one made for me by a local that's handy with a soldering iron, to any one purchasing the Suzanne I suggest ordering a cable with the player I know Opera stock them. importantly do the firmware upgrade ASAP.  it makes it a lot friendlier and more logical to operate. 
    I'm not posting any photos, you have that pretty well covered mine's also red so no point , there's another month wait for silver and I don't think black's going to be running out the door in torrents
    Audio-Heads take heed, get a listen to one of these babies.
    Glad your lovin' your Suzie like I'm Lovin' mine
  8. bcarr112281
    Two-and-a-half hours!? My goodness, that's awful! What's the advertised battery life?
  9. CJG888
    I get better than that out of my BL-2 (with a hot-running tube input stage and discrete class A output stage)...
  10. fhuang
    2.5 hours? the website says 6.5
    "Time for battery up to 6.5 hours under high resolution music playing"
  11. fnkcow
    @hakushondaimao what happened to the review? Was looking forward to the comparison with N6, still am, if you have both the X7 and the Suzanne by chance lol
  12. Jmop
    Can I bump this? Need more info :D
  13. rolandpsp
    Bump again. I'm curious how it sounds compared to wm1z and dx200. Not features, etc, just purely sound. And maybe it's digital output as well.

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