Complete List of Known X7 Mark II Firmware Issues:

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by csglinux, Sep 4, 2017.
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  1. csglinux
    Complete list of currently known bugs/issues in the X7 Mark ii firmware:

    1. FiiO music app sometimes freezes or exits abnormally. (2 votes)

    2. When browsing by Artist, user is presented with all songs from that artist (not the Album list) (2 votes)

    3. Alphabetical ordering not consistent beyond first letter. (2 votes)

    4. Idle power-off function not working. (1 vote)

    5. USB digital out is unreliable/broken and can cause the device to freeze, requiring a reboot. (1 vote)

    6. WiFi will not connect to certain smartphone hotspots that use WPA2 encryption. (1 vote)

    7. At the start of playback in the FiiO music app, the X7 Mark II skips roughly the first second of the track. (Scrubbing forward/backward in a track also often results in flushing the old playback buffer for about the first second.) (1 vote)

    8. Intermittent library-scan failures with large numbers of tracks (may depend on artwork and/or correct metadata). (1 vote)

    9. Automatic library update not working. (1 vote)

    10. M3U8 playlists intermittently crashing the FiiO music app. (1 vote)

    11. M3U8 playlists not working properly with duplicate entries in the playlist. (1 vote)

    12. Previous track control does not working correctly when trying to access last track from previous folder. (1 vote)

    Greetings X7 Mark II users! This thread has been created with the blessing of FiiO in order to maintain a single list of known bugs/issues with the latest X7 Mark II firmware. As of now, the current firmware is Android 5.1.1, FW 1.0.6. I will update this information as and when new firmware is released. You can download the latest firmware directly from FiiO's website, or (if FiiO's servers are too slow), from the following mirror:

    If you have a problem with your X7 Mark II, please check the list above before posting. There's a good chance others have already experienced the same issue and FiiO are already aware of it. If you don't see your issue listed below, feel free to post on this thread and I'll add it to the list. If you find your issue on the list and still want to vent, please post on this thread to vote on it!


    Please check that your suspected bug/issue isn't already listed. If it is, just post on this thread to up-vote it. The above list is currently restricted to issues with existing, advertised functionality. Please post feature requests or general X7 Mark II-related discussions on the main X7 Mark II thread here:
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  2. brokengundam
    I don't know if it's just me, but my externalsd_2 slot will sometimes not show up in any music app until I rescan or browse through ES file explorer if the player has been idle for a few hours. The card doesn't seem to be faulty. I'm curious if there is some sort of background setting putting the second microsd card slot to sleep after an amount of inactivity? Playing from both slots works fine with no disconnnects (player sees around 27 hours of use every weekend playing background music flawlessly).
  3. csglinux
    Can anybody else confirm this? I've now shipped on my review unit so unless FiiO gets generous and donates me an X7 Mark II, I'm waiting until I've saved up enough pennies in order to be able to confirm any of these issues.

    One problem I've had regularly (with many DAPs) is unreliable microSD cards. The absolute worst for me has been the SanDisk 200 Gb cards. Samsung's 256 Gb EVO cards work great though. Just wondering if this problem would persist with all brands of microSD card?
  4. AverageDude
    Wouldn't you, as the thread starter, post a poll with the listed issues so one can see what are the most common bugs according to the number of votes?
    Just a thought...
  5. csglinux

    That's exactly what we did with the X7 bugs thread, but the poll feature was just too inflexible. You can't vote more than once, can't change your vote, can't add new items, etc.
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  6. 13-7
    Not sure if this thread has been abandoned for good, but I'll give it a try anyway.

    X7MKII, most recent FW (1.0.3):

    Library scan fails most of the time:
    I'm using two 200GB MicroSDXC, with a total of about 11.000 tracks. When I manually scan my music folders, it crashes about 3 out of 4 times, usually when the counter approaches 10.000. When I start the app again, it will show only 5000 tracks on SD card 1, none on SD card 2 (I don't have any music stored on the device itself at the moment). Running the scan again immediately afterwards doesn't work either, since it will be stuck at "0 track(s)" forever. The only way to fix it is to reset the library and run a full scan again (and hope it doesn't crash once again).

    If the scan doesn't crash, it displays the correct number of tracks for both cards.

    Note: Both cards are defintely fine (double checked file integrity) and they work flawlessly with other apps like Neutron, even on this device.

    Automatic library update doesn't work at all:
    Pretty much self-explanatory. When I add new tracks to one of the SD cards, the FiiO music app doesn't recognize them, not even after rebooting the device.

    Unrelated covers displayed in "Artists" view:
    While in all other views the correct covers are displayed, when I switch to "Artist" view, the cover of a completely unrelated album will be used as the artist's image.

    Missing albums in "Artists" view:
    For some artists, not all album are listed. However, they are definitely part of the library, as I can easily find them using the search funtion (entering the album title). Those albums are tagged properly, using the same tools I used for the ones that are listed. It SEEMS to be more likely to happen when an artist has a lot of different albums, but it might just be coincidence.

    Sorting in alphabetical order is massively bugged:
    It only takes the first letter into account, so it is pretty much useless.

    Let's say we have the following entries:



    It will put the ones starting with A before the ones starting with B, but the internal order will be completely random, so they will be listed (for eaxample) like this:



    Also, sorting by album artist is still missing. Technically, it isn't a bug, but it is an extremely annoying oversight.
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  7. JaviAl
    Seems there be a problem with M3U8 playlists in FiiO Music with repeated songs. When play the second repeated song, continues playing to the next track before the first repeated song, beeing playing continuesly in a loop.

    Example: Consider a playlist like this:

    1. First Song
    2. Second Song
    3. Third Song
    4. Fourth Song
    5. Fifth Song
    6. Sixth Song
    7. Third Song <----- (Repeated)
    8. Seventh Song
    9. Eighth Song

    After the 7 Position (Third Song repeated) continues playing to the 4 position (Fourth Song) and when reaches the 7 position again, return to the 4 position again continuesly in a loop. Never reaches the 8 position (Eighth Song).

    Also, when i manually press the second repeated song in the playlist in order to play it, the marked song playing now is the first repeated song, never the second repeated song even if i press it manually.

    Can someone check this if it occurs the same with all M3U8 playlists with repeated songs?

    I report this to FiiO forums ( and according to FiiOBryant's answer, he has not bothered to try to reproduce the bug and try and test with a playlist with duplicated songs in diferent positions assuming that my playlists are wrong in order to get rid of the problem in the easiest way.
  8. JaviAl
    There is another bug with the M3U8 playlists.

    When an M3U8 Playlists finished playing in Fiio Music, correctly plays the next track after that playlist, but when playing that next track, if I selected any song of that previous playlist, never can’t play any song of that playlist and FiiO Music crashes.
  9. JaviAl
    Bad function of "Previous track button" when playing through folders in FiiO Music.

    When you are playing through folders the first song of a folder, pressing the previous track button should play the last track of the previous folder, but actually plays the last song of the current folder (that is not previous).
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  10. gfabbri
    May be less of a bug than a personal annoyance, but...

    When selecting Artists, the next level is songs. Why doesnt it go Artists —> Albums (including an option for all songs) —> songs?
  11. 13-7
    Is it? When i select Artists view, I see their names and a bogus entry saying "1 song" for every single one of them, but when I click the name, it lists albums.
  12. gfabbri
    For me, I see, for example:

    Adele (26 songs)

    Then the next tap gets all 26 songs mingled together

    Maybe some setting somewhere?
  13. 13-7
    There is. In the line were it says "Artist - XY song(s) in total", there are two symbols to the right. Click the one to the left and it switches from sorting by album to sorting by title.
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  14. 13-7
    Brief update. Some bugs seem to be gone for now, though I ran into a new variation of the cover art bug:

    - For whatever reason, library scan seems to be less likely to crash when - no matter how unlikely this might sound - using the white theme. Too early to rule out coincidence, but I haven't had a single crash while scanning since switching from the dark theme. Covers seem fine, too - unless there are two albums with the same title by different artists. One more reason to support the album artist tag, FiiO!

    - Manual update of the library after adding new songs kind of works now. It is slow, but eventually the songs are found. However, sometimes it doesn't display their cover art in library view. It is displayed correctly in the "now playing" screen.

    - So far I didn't see any more missing albums in "artists" view, but given the size of my library, it is hard to tell if it really works 100% now.

    - Sorting issues and non-functional auto-scan remain.
  15. gfabbri
    What am I missing? I only see the play button...

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