Complete List of Known X7 Mark II Firmware Issues:

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by csglinux, Sep 4, 2017.
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  1. csglinux
    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I'll be relying on you to keep me updated with bugs (or fixes?!), as I don't currently own an X7 Mark II :frowning2:
    Hoping to pick one up soon though... :)
  2. 13-7
    It's in the next screen, after clicking the artist name.

    There you find two icons with note symbols in the upper right corner. The one further left switches between sorting by album and all tracks.
  3. gfabbri
    Bluetooth pairing issue - easily can pair the X7 with my Bose soundlink speaker, but the X7 will not “see” my car’s audio system. Interestingly, the car can see, but not pair with the X7. Any others with similar issues?

    (And thanks for the help with the artists / albums issue! All set. :))
  4. csglinux
    On FW 1.0.5, the only issues I'm noticing now are the occasional glitch in the album art in certain thumbnail list views and the failure to consistently list sub-items alphabetically.
    Generally, things are looking pretty good - at least for my level of usage, which is exclusively the FiiO music app for on-board/microSD storage playback and the official Tidal app for lossless streaming.

    I still have an issue tethering from a Samsung Galaxy S8, but I found a work-around for that problem by switching to an LG V30. (There seems to be something about the WPA2 encryption that the X7 and X7ii don't like.)
  5. koiloco
    I can't use my X7 mark II as USB DAC on my windows 10 Pro. The FiiO control panel would detect the X7 when connected then would disconnect it randomly after a few seconds or when I start playing in my Foobar200, the track would freeze and the X7 would disconnect. I've tried different cables, USB ports...even reinstall the Fiio USB DAC driver. Firmware is up to date.

    My Fiio Q5 works flawlessly on the same system. For something that cost 2x, this should not be happening.

    Does anyone have the same problem?
  6. csglinux
    The X7ii now has firmware 1.0.6 available, with the following changes (relative to 1.0.5):

    1. Added USB Audio output function (the output is in DoP by default; if your DAC does not support DSD decoding, please switch from DoP to D2P in FiiO Music settings);
    2. Added "Enter Now Playing after play" option (can be set in FiiO Music settings; when the option enabled, the app will automatically enter the Now Playing menu after clicking a song to play);
    3. Fixed issue where some FLAC tracks might stutter when the ViPER Effect was turned on;
    4. Fixed issue where the embedded album art could not be displayed for some WMA tracks;
    5. Fixed issue where the fast search bar in the Folder View menu might disappear in a few cases;
    6. Fixed issue where the sound was abnormal or there was no output when playing DSD tracks via Bluetooth;
    7. Fixed issue where the Settings would stop working when entering "Settings->Storage->NAND FLASH->Total space->Downloads";
    8. Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

    I'm eager to try out number 1. (USB-out had worked for me in the past, but very unreliably!)
    Looking forward to hearing everybody's feedback!
  7. cat6man
    New owner, seems like new problem (but I've seen it reported on fiio forum pages)

    When my x7ii arrived, I found I could not get a usb connection to copy music files over, to either internal storage or to a microSD card.

    After a night's sleep, I borrowed a windows PC and it worked fine.
    Seems like the x7ii does not play nice with linux over usb.
    As an android device, I don't know why this would happen when every android cellphone I've ever had does this perfectly.
    I can work around this for a while but it will be a major pia if fiio doesn't fix this.
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