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Complete list: headphone measurement websites

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by udauda, May 18, 2010.
  1. udauda
    - Utilizing Head-and-Torso Simualtors (HATS) 
    1. [US] Headphone.com** 2
    2. [US] Headphoneinfo.com* 1, 2
    3. [US] InnerFidelity** 2, 6
    4. [US] JHSaudio* 1
    5. [US] PCMAG.com** 2
    - Using DIY setups (silicone tube, human head, etc) 4
    1. [DE] Head-Fi user big-ban 3
    2. [FR] Erenumerique.com 2
    3. [JP] adc's blog 2, 4
    4. [JP] He&Biのヘッドホンサイト 3
    5. [JP] KFD lab 3
    6. [JP] ソノベ 2(for IEMs), 3(for headphones), 4
    7. [JP] 淵野辺 2(for IEMs), 3(for headphones), 4
    8. [JP] 粗忽ヘッドホン 2(for IEMs), 3(for headphones)
    9. [KR] goldenears.net1, 2, 6
    10. [RU] Doctorhead.ru 5
    11. [US] Head-Fi user, udauda, which is me! 2
    * Brüel & Kjær 4128c
    ** HEAD Acoustics HMS.II
    *** G.R.A.S. KEMAR
    1 publishes compensated FR data only
    2 Drum-Reference-Point(IEC-711 or 2cc) measurements
    3 Ear-Reference-Point(IEC-318 or 6cc) measurements (binaural mic measurements)
    4 Real-Ear-to-Coupler(IEC-711) response not reflected on IEM(high acoustic output impedance, such as BAT) measurements
    5 Custom-designed measurement setup (simulator's shape is not morphologically accurate)
    Compensated equalization target not approved by the international standard committees.
    If you happen to know any other websites, list them up!
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  2. Ro-amp
    I'm aware of this one.
  3. Leny
    Nice links, thank you.
  4. udauda

    AFAIK Listen Inc. only provides QC solutions for manufacturers and does not publish any measurements on their website. (Headphoneinfo.com actually uses Listen's measurement systems) 
  5. udauda
    J H S Audio has been added to the list.
  6. udauda
    A new headphone-review website managed by Mr.Hertsens, the former boss of Headroom, has been added to the list. Thnx to Mr.Hertsens- The more data we have at our disposal, the better purchase decision we would be able to make! [​IMG] (it's such a shame he teamed up with Stereophile, one of the industry's most snake-oil-voodoo-tiger-balm-worshiping folks)
  7. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    Thanks, mate, i'll keep workin' at it.
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  8. udauda
    big-ban's database has been added to the list!
  9. Prog Rock Man
    Great resource, thanks for taking the time to put it together.
  10. udauda
    en.goldenears.net has been added to the list.
    Their measurement process does not seem linear, due to the random post-processing applied to headphone measurement data. As a result, their data are not comparable to those of the other HATS equipped websites directly. The accuracy of their headphone measurements shall be considered as good as any other websites with DIY setups, such as doctorhead.ru and erenumerique.com. An another example of international standard-grade testing equipments being horribly wasted. [​IMG]
  11. Armaegis
  12. udauda
  13. udauda
    I managed to build an international standard-compliant DIY head-and-torso-simulator. So I added my blog to the list.
    Spent a heck of $$$ for it. 
  14. stv014
    One more thing that may be worth measuring is distortion at the source output if it has high output impedance (e.g. with a damping factor of 1 at 100 dB SPL). This would, in combination with the impedance/phase graph, show how much the sound of the headphone is affected by electrical damping.
  15. Inks
    You should add this and this site. The second one has quite a lot of interesting articles outside of just FR graphs. 
    Nice blog by the way, tons of knowledge there. More enlightening than the usual  stuff. 

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