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Comfortable recliners / Listening chairs?

  1. johnsnowkornar
    Is it an electric one??
  2. slwiser Contributor
    No, it was not electric.
  3. Whazzzup
    Human scale freedom chair is what I use. It reclines nice but this isn’t a recliner sofa. 9BD28B2D-622B-4265-A4CE-237021C7E6AD.jpeg
  4. Kopfkraut
    Great suggestion, exactly what I thought of before even opening the thread. These don't have a mountain of padding (I find chairs and sofas that are overstuffed and that you sink into a bit uncomfortable actually) but it's just enough and they're precisely shaped to offer an utterly comfortable seating position. And if the shape isn't enough to make you drift off the springiness of the wood allows you to rock them a little bit which is very relaxing.
  5. BobG55
  6. wuwhere Contributor
  7. Spareribs
  8. serman005
    Super happy with my Barcalounger SG360. Swivels smoothly and reclines easily. Very comfy with some sort of actually quite nice pleatherish material. A solid buy, FWIW. Recommended.
  9. wuwhere Contributor
  10. demonstrative
  11. Spareribs
    A real man needs a nice chair, especially if he's a senior citizen

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