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  1. radiohlite
    only talking about COFFEE itself, not gadgets or preparation or milk/sugar etc.

    were talking brands/varieties within same brand, or just 'types' for lack of a better word.
  2. doctordk207
    Jamaican Blue Mountain~!!!!!!!
  3. Joelby
    I'm into some South African Fair-Trade coffee at the moment. And, as with all Canadians, I have an addiction to Tim Hortons...
  4. diogenes
    I like the fruity coffees, especially Yemen origins.
    Also, the crisp, clean taste of Costa Rica coffee is nice.

    JBM is overrated and overpriced. I have had Colombian coffee that rivals it in taste etc.


    To clarify JBM has a nice taste, but for the price the marginal taste difference in some good Colombian coffees I see the marginal cost to be too high.
  5. Zaubertuba
    My favs, in order....

    French Roast
    Kenyan AA
  6. Bob_McBob
    I buy green beans from Sweet Maria's and roast them at home. I've been using their Monkey Blend for espresso, and I keep a large selection of other coffees for normal drinking. I am quite partial to Yemeni coffees (mattari!).
  7. olblueyez
    Whole bean Dunkin Donuts coffee, nothing better. For Me [​IMG]
  8. Currawong Contributor
    If you live in Australia, get your coffee from coffeeco.com.au. Best coffee I've found. Regrettably, though I love Yemen Mocha, the only place I found it here over-roasts it. So locally I have Guatemala or some or another variety of mocha.
  9. Tech2

    Originally Posted by Joelby /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I'm into some South African Fair-Trade coffee at the moment. And, as with all Canadians, I have an addiction to Tim Hortons...

    It's not just a Canadian thing. All I buy is Tim's fine-grind. I know it's not exotic, but I love it. I like Dunkin' Donuts too. I can't drink Starbucks, waaaay to bitter for my taste. Bleh....

    I haven't tried any of the so-called 'good' stuff except for some Jamaican that I brought home from a vacation there. I suppose ignorance is bliss in this instance and is very likely saving me a few bucks on my hot beverages.
  10. hypoicon
    Paradise Roasters changed my life. I've never bought anything from them that didn't just floor me with it's quality. No other roaster has come close (for me). I like the heavier espresso varieties, myself-- Jamaican Blue Mountain tastes like water to me-- really expensive water.
  11. Canman Contributor
    One of my favorite coffees is Deep Disco from Gimme! Coffee - Home Page.

    I like to use Illy but at over $20/pound its too pricey. Sometimes I buy a can of Illy decaf because I don't use it that much.

    Right now I'm using Mayorga Cafe Cubano roasted in Rockville MD. Its about $12 for 2 lbs at Costco but its excellent stuff.

    I make my coffee in an esspresso machine. I do a double long shot so its closer in consistency to regular coffee than esspresso. Except that it has a nice layer of crema on top.
  12. Twoguns
    I love a roast called Espresso Diablo. You can get it from a few places online.. it lives up to the name.
  13. soulrider4ever
    I like Green Mountain coffee K-Cups with the Keurig brewer, off the hook!
  14. smallcaps
  15. beerguy0
    I've been home roasting for almost a year. This morning we had Sulawesi AA Wet-Process Toarco at home, then for my second cup I had Guatemala Oriente Dry-Process. This is an amazingly intense coffee, lots of dark chocolate. Very different from typical WP Guatemalan coffees. I currently have around 10 varieties on hand, and typically roast 2-3 each week.
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