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Closed or open back headphones for (not FPS) gaming?


What is better for non FPS gaming?

  1. Open-back headphones

  2. Closed-back headphones

    0 vote(s)
  1. Matthew Kocourek
    I have read the basic advantages and disadvatages of the closed/open headphones topic, and found out that for gaming it is recommended to have closed headphones because of the sound isolation and that you can hear more bass what is useful for FPS games where you want to hear the firing sound louder that usual. But what about other genres of games, like RPGs? Because it is singleplayer, the sound isolation doesn't play a role in it (if you are alone of course :D ) and you also don't have to hear the bass so strongly. I am curios if for playing games that aren't FPS would be better to use closed or open headphones, because games like Witcher 3 in some moments sounds more like a movie than a game, should I thus search for movie or maybe music headphones (which are mostly open)?
    Thanks for answer! :)
  2. Fred Wang
    I use both, but prefer open-backed because closed-back start making my ears sweat after a while. Even in games where I really want directionality, I still prefer open-backed headphones.
  3. serman005
    If you are looking for more bass, then yes, closed would be better. That said, if you are looking for positional information within a soundstage and (in some cases) overall imaging, then generally speaking, open are my preference.

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