Chord Mojo vs. OPPO HA-2SE Comparison Review
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Yes 10 clicks down (-10dB) will set it to 0.95v RMS at 0dBFS - so this is the maximum possible output at this volume setting. Obviously, by using the volume control, now means that Mojo will remember the volume setting so take care when plugging in an IEM after!
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  Yes 10 clicks down (-10dB) will set it to 0.95v RMS at 0dBFS - so this is the maximum possible output at this volume setting. Obviously, by using the volume control, now means that Mojo will remember the volume setting so take care when plugging in an IEM after!

Alright, Thanks alot!
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NO! ONLY the HA-2SE can operate as a pure line out device. NOT the mojo. Its Misleading reviews like these that made me purchase the mojo in the first place. It cannot function as a line out DAC. Simply not possible to bypass the amplifier section. the 2 button combo for pre-amp is just a volume preset, at which it gives 2v output, nothing else. Its very misleading. 
I required a Portable DAC to use with my car audio system which has its own high end amplifiers. Mojo amplification made the sound horrible. the HA-2 on the other hand has pure line out which bypasses its amplifier completely so you can just utilize that brilliant sabre chip, and it sounds amazing with external amplification. 
Dont get me wrong, I love the mojo, Its brilliant with my headphones. But I love my HA-2SE more as its much more versatile, and sounds almost equally good. 
EDIT : My initial speculation was incorrect, The Confusion was Caused by the fact that on Line-Out mode mojo gives out 3v RMS which turned out to be 'too hot' for my system. Rob Watts was kind enough to point out that this can be resolved by a simply decreasing the Volume 10 points to 0.95v RMS.
What I gather is that the Mojo does not have a separate amplifier stage and hence the output from the mojo is theoretically the output from a 'DAC' with no added amplification and an analogue stage which is very clean.  

Glad you figured that out. There is no loss in turning down the Mojo to fit.
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It seems the Mojo is one of the best sounding portable DAC/AMP's out right now. Does anyone else wish it was... a little better looking? A little sharper like the Oppo. Personal opinion I guess. 
I currently have a Pico DAC/AMP, I've really enjoyed it over the last few years. It was truly ahead of it's time when released. Does anyone know if the Mojo would be an upgrade to my PICO? (I'm using JH16 Pro's)
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I'm not sure about the Pico's amp section, but the Mojo will likely be more powerful than it. As for the DAC, no doubt the Mojo's DAC will be better. It's the most advanced DAC that you will find in a device like this for under 1000 dollars. 
The Mojo just has less little goodies like switches and buttons on it than the HA-2SE. Pretty much everything is handled automatically. I'd still recommend the Mojo over the HA2-SE personally, since the ESS Sabre DAC chip makes the Oppo brighter and more colored, and to my ears it makes the device less suitable for a wider gamut of headphones. But if you like brighter sounding equipment, give the HA2-SE a shot. If you don't like it, there is always the return window.
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Maybe I'm missing something, but that section in the linked thread specifically says that since the device is not mfi certified you must use the Apple CCK + a second cable to connect. Since they are both short, perhaps you were alluding to this as "one cable"?

There are modded CCKs you can buy that are terminated with a micro USB plug instead.
The interference issue is possibly the only main downside to using a Mojo. I was using an X7 as a transport to it with TIDAL and getting interference, which was a bit annoying.
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The original HA2 has so much background hiss with the SE846's I could'nt listen to it. I even contacted Oppo and they said it could be an issue for the 9 Ohm SE846's as one of lowest impedance IEMS's. Have they fixed the noise level with the SE ? 
I'm happy now with my SE846/Mojo combination. If I spend more money now it will be to add the Chord Poly to my Mojo or buy a fully featured streaming DAP like the Pioneer 300R or the upcoming Fiio X5 3rd gen.

I have the SE846's too. Originally had the HA2 and liked the Apple integration BUT suffered hiss. Swapped to the MOJO. Slight preference to the sound but didn't like the form factor for portability with and iPhone and above all couldn't stream and listen due to frequent RF inteference so sod that.
Got the HA2-SE and very pleased. No more hiss (to my ears) and whilst I can no longer do a direct comparison with the MOJO (unlike before) very pleased with the sound.
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Going through a heatwave here, and recently got blown away by music streaming tech, but can't hear all this music with headphones, too hot.

The solution is to go IEM and portables, because my tube and class a gear gets hot as well. So ended up with these exact two units, as of now, they are the only experience I have on the portable front.

I found the OPPO to be a better dac outright than a combined dac amp. Piping the dac output to my desktop gear shows it is better than my own DIY Delta Sigma dac which I meticulously modded. I think the amp section let's it down somewhat.

The Chord competes with my AudioGD reference 7 multibit balanced DAC...This thing weighs 15kg of transformers and electronics. Chord is also better than the OPPO at driving headphones. The Mojo fundamentally is in a higher league than the OPPO. The Chord plays above it's price IMO. The Oppo is a reasonably good DAC with an ordinary amp section.
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Thanks for this, could not find a better comparison elsewhere.
I'm new to the DAC/AMP world (first time to everything I guess) and I wonder if anyone could let me know which one of HA-2 SE or MOJO they would pair with the Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd Gen.
The shop where I'm buying those can offers me a good bundle deal, 140USD for HA-2 SE and 350USD for the MOJO, I just can't make up my mind. But it's a sweet deal.
I was able to hear the MOJO in shop paired with a T5p 1st Gen, a Hifiman HE1000 and some other cans I don't recall the brand. Personally everything sounded somewhat better, more soundstage, more depth but I wasn't blown away to be honest. What I mean is the difference with and without is there but it's not like DVD vs 4k imo. Again, noob here and I only tested this out for 20min with my phone and tidal hifi / spotify premium.
As for the HA-2 SE well I haven't be able to find a unit for testing.
In other words, any advise here? I would use this mainly on iPhone 7+ (when travelling) and on Macbook Pro at work.

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