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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. shuto77

    Do you have a good 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter?
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  2. sabloke
    Lg G4 and Mojo are a flawless combo. As a stack, not so much due to G4's curved back. I ended up buying the Onkyo DP-X1 DAP because I wanted to keep my phone to use as a, doh, phone and to avoid interference. However, when it comes to hooking up the Mojo over a $5 OTG cable, the G4 is perfect.
  3. sabloke

    TH-X00 and Mojo are simply amazing together. Live music sounds so good you'd think you're there! The headphones are not as detailed as a planar but they're such a joy to listen to and the Mojo does a fantastic job driving them. Staging is great, base and mids just right and treble are well defined but never sibilant.
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  4. shuto77

    Good to know. I have AT&T in the U.S., and they haven't upgraded us yet.
  5. Underwood
    Anyone know how the Mojo goes with the SE846?
  6. GreenBow
    I have it with the Grado SR225e, and to be really honest I am am a bit underwhelmed.
    It's probably more to do with the 225e because as a series I never saw it gain more than 4/5 stars in pro-reviews. That's going all the way back to the original SR225. Whereas all the rest of the Prestige Series gained five stars.
    I did however find my SR225e OK with the Meridian Explorer, but I could still see its weaknesses. I think the ME and the 225e are better matched. The rich softer tone of the ME made the 225e almost induce tears. Very emotive DAC.
    The Mojo paired is kind of dazzling with detail, but I can't quite take it in. I really do think that I need more headtime with the Mojo-225e to get used to it. There is more detail than the ME but it can sound just slightly hard edged. (The ME is smooth and soft toned.) I think it has to be the effect of pairing a DAC that is best up £800. With £180 headphones that were not best in class. I am also finding it really hard to adjust to the more balanced soundstage of the Mojo. There's a clearer view but it's just a bit less emotive and sometimes slightly boring. (Boring is the wrong word though: the Mojo is less solid sounding than the thick sounding ME. On the ME, buzzy sounds are more buzzy.)
    Over-all it leaves me wanting to urge the SR225e-Mojo pairing on; sort of, "Oh come on!".  
    Whereas the SR325e wins lots of awards, and is actually suggested as a pairing with the Mojo by What Hi-Fi.
    It makes me wonder about the Chord sound a little, though not in a bad way. Just wonder. Chord DACs like the Hugo and Hugo TT win their respective price point awards, and I agree they should. However both those What Hi-Fi reviews mention how the Chord doesn't match other similarly priced DACs for weight, or solidity. Quote the Hugo TT review, "The gains when switching to the Chord as preamp are extra clarity and definition, with more insight and finesse, though the sound has greater weight and solidity with the Bryston analogue preamp in circuit."
    Quote of the Hugo review, "There’s stacks of detail up for grabs, the Chord delivering much more insight to the finer nuances of a track than the HA-1. This, in turn, gives way to a greater level of dynamic subtlety, timing and organisation that we’ve not heard from any other DAC at this price.
    This more transparent nature means it’s not as smooth a listen as the HA-1,".
    That's how I find the Mojo, clear and detailed but fractionally hollow. I thought this might not be the case because people say the Mojo is warmer than the Hugo. However I have to accept that my listening kit is not up to par by a long way. I have the Q Acoustics BT3 (with QED Reference Audio J2p and Chord Clearway, and inside the speakers may need rewiring.). With this paring the Mojo sound so planted, but lacking a fraction of emotion. It's a technical feast, with smoothness from its clarity.
  7. NaiveSound

    I liked se846 with mojo over Angie, ie800, th900, se535, westone w50, ultimate Ears 18.
    But it did not Wow and impress,.... mojo however definitely bring the best of the se846
  8. xtr4

    Hi Carey, are your headphone wires close to your phone? Because these wires also pick up RFI, not just from the CCK end.
    Hope this helps.
  9. spook76
    I would go further and say it is a fantastic pairing. I have owned the SE846 since it was first released in August of 2013 and used 4 different portable amps and one amp/DAC and the Mojo is the best with the 8s.
  10. Jethrosang
    Well, the IEM is doing fine with other source, so it is either the mojo's fault, or it does not like the iem I plugged in. Guess I should audition another one.
  11. Mython Contributor
    Rob, here's an alternative illustration of well-implemented timing:
    Not sure how it compares with your FPGA code, but it looks pretty decent to me [​IMG]
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  12. LepakVT
    Apologies for not having read through the entire thread ... but I wouldn't be a crazy person if I picked up a Chord Mojo and HD800 for at-home use only in the living room, right? (Obviously not using the HD800 on the go [​IMG])
    I'm kind of tired of having a separate DAC, interconnects, and a separate amp taking up space, and the all-in-one (and small!) great sounding Mojo is really appealing to me.
    Basically what I'm asking: Is there a better DAC/amp combo for the HD800 in this price range?
  13. SearchOfSub
    I'd grab an audeze and mojo.
  14. NaiveSound
    I too am looking for a full sized headphone for mojo, what did you like in audeze over hd800? I'm torn between these 2
  15. Townyj
    @Rob Watts

    Just a quick question. Ive been using my Mojo just below the double red volume. Got 4hrs out of it and the battery indicator went yellow. Does this seem about right? Feels like i may only get 8hrs from a full charge at well below my normal listening level. Im assuming harder to drive headphones may get 5+hrs out of a charge. This seems lower then i expected.
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