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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. GreenBow

    Thank you too for replying. It's alright. Not OT for me.
  2. audi0nick128
    Thanks for sharing your experience with these, Staxton
    As I am a real noob in this area I hope I will get it done.
    I hope to find a possibility to get a custom case resembling Mojo.
    But getting it to run is the first real task for me.
    I may have to join nmatheis with a Pm for further tips, if that's alright.
  3. Chefano
    Ive been listening to MOJO on iPhone so far and today I decided to plug it on my computer and to my surprise it sounds much better using Audirvana than KORG iAudioGate. 
    Its so different that Ive had to listen to my all my favourite blues albums again on computer! Oh boy, guitars sounds awesome!
  4. Staxton
    Feel free to contact me.[​IMG] 
    I have been trying to stuff the Mojo, an SSD, and one of those Linux boards in an enclosure ever since I got the Mojo--kind of a DIY DAP or "all-in-one", depending on whether it has a battery too. It's been quite an adventure!
  5. audi0nick128
    Nice to hear Saxton,
    The idea of an all in one or even DAP crossed my mind... Shouldn't be to difficult to ad WiFi for control.
  6. Staxton
    Wifi is builtin to the Banana Pro and the Cubietruck, and can be added with a tiny wifi dongle for the Raspberry Pi.
  7. NaiveSound

    I am rid of the aweful/garbage/horrible/trash/pos dx80 as source for feeding mojo.

    Just ordered a moto g2 just to use as a source for mojo.

    Is something wrong in using smartphone as source? Vs other options
  8. neilvg

    Can you clarify?  What do you mean it sounds so much better?  Do you mean versus the iPhone?  
    In fact I've had this question - so if we're going digitally out of the iPhone and digitally out of an AK player or other DAP, or going digitally out of the computer all via USB, shouldn't there be minimal differences?  Who has noticed big differences in source going out digitally when connected to the mojo via USB and same sound files?  Curious here as to why this would be different.
  9. Skampmeister
    Only problem I have with using an iPhone is no FLAC support, and this is what I need.
  10. neilvg

    But if you use tidal which is lossless and uses flac, it works with the mojo fine right?
  11. Skampmeister
    I don't use tidal, and won't be in the future.
  12. neilvg

    What do you mean by this?  Are you referring to the mojo + iPhone or iPhone DAC alone compared to the Mojo + iPhone.  I keep hearing people comparing the mojo + some other source and then comparing that to the iPhone.  But what about the iPhone + mojo... it should sound as good as anything else connected with mojo rt?  assuming same DAC (mojo) and source files and connection method.  
  13. neilvg

    Why not?
  14. neilvg

    Well anyway search is my friend.  I found some info.  But yah.
  15. Chefano
    To my ears, the sound has more body and the treble is less harsh when connected on Audirvana.
    I think I will have to buy the Onkyo app to test it.
    Do you know if the smartphone apps are bitperfect ?
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