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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor

    I'm not sure if you can hear it but I find 192kbps MP3 to be audibly terrible. The Mojo won't magically transform trash to treasure so to speak. It's exceedingly revealing and as they say 'garbage in, garbage out'. Same with poor masters... especially with poor masters. That said, well recorded music with decent file compression (my minimum threshold is 256kbps AAC) will simply shine with the Mojo.
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  2. xeroian

    Only a very short USB cable with Mojo. Hugo comes with many variants of USB and optical cables though so you should be fine.
  3. xeroian

    Please make sure you check Amazons T&Cs before deciding to open it. Amazon UK usually say 14 days in either used or unused condition because of Distance Selling regulations (although the regs. have a different name now as they are EU wide) and a further 14 days (28 all together) if unopened. Over Christmas they extend this but it may just be the unopened allowance they extend. If in doubt about their rules then return the Mojo, buy it again and start using it immediately. Why wait until the last day before checking out whether something is suitable or faulty? Do it on day one.
  4. episiarch Contributor

    In terms of headphones, there's a variety depending on mood and use case, but it drives all of them well (again, to my ears, better than anything else I own).  The current favorite is ACS Evolve, but others I use or have used it with, with good results, are HD580, K501, K550, SA5000, D2000, ER-4S and JH13 (pre-freqphase).
    In transports, it's been Macs (both optical and USB, sometimes with Audirvana Plus and sometimes without), iPhone (CCK + the included USB).
    In material, almost nothing better than 16/44.1, and a lot of it is AAC 320 or AAC 256.  Even those compressed tracks sound amazing through the Mojo.  I'd much rather listen to AAC 256 on Mojo than something higher-res on my Lavry DA10.
    For me it's just making everything better.
  5. trtrtr607
    just wonder if anyone experienced crackling sound through Chord stock ASIO output in foobar? I am currently running Windows 10 and installed driver from Chord, and these crack and pop sounds appear while playing back MP3/AAC files, but not DSD files. When I switch to WASAPI, all just work right. I previously used Windows 7 and have no problem with ASIO at all.
  6. zeddun
    Has anyone tried the Mojo with either versions of Dita the Answer and if so is it a good pairing?
  7. Mojo ideas
    We at Chord have had a lot of experience with all the Dita products we like them all and I personally carry some always.
  8. sonickarma
    Dita Truth has good synergies with MoJo 
  9. salla45
    I'm using mine also with the X3 ii. It's a headache to get the 2 linked up. I got a bespoke cable made by a HEADFI member derGabe for not much money at all and it works like a charm! I used Sugru to modify it a little as below, and now the X3ii and Mojo are just continuously "bolted" together with velcro and i even put some bumper feet on it so it can stand up nicely. If i were you, i'd contact derGabe and see if he can knock one up for you. It took a bit of time, so to avoid frustration get in early. I don't know many other places, other than Moon Audio who will do one, but thats 100$ or something + timescale. 
    I also have the T1 beyers and they work beautifully with it. Your 880's should be great too!! 
    Hope you enjoy as much as me.
  10. TokenGesture
    Disappointed with mojo (in)ability to connect to the Pioneer DAP over USB.  I've tried numbers of OTG cables, most don't connect at all, and the two that do display a lot of interference.  Not really fit for purpose.
  11. cattlethief

    My mojo can connect to my pioneer no problems and if you are getting interference you will have to switch your wifi off.
  12. TokenGesture

    I guess you are right. I wanted to stream, but I guess I can just do that with the Pioneer sans mojo.  [​IMG]
  13. masterpfa
    I have found any connection issues to be with the device you are tying to connect to the Mojo and/or cables. I personally don't have the Pioneer DAP but I did have a great deal of problems with my OnePlus One. Long story short, got an OTG from One Plus and all worked, I have since found other cable that will also work.

    Any noise interference can also be caused by a bad connection in the USB chain (either at the DAP or DAC end) or interference from the WiFi.
    It's a shame that you haven't found a USB OTG that's Fit For Purpose took me ages to get items that worked.
  14. Mython Contributor
    ...and the Chord publicity pics prove it!
  15. zeddun

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm looking for a good universal IEM to use with my Mojo and my Calyx M. Based on comments I'm going to purchase rhe Answer from a fellow head-fi member. I previously had the ie800 and really liked the sound but the ie800 wouldn't stay in my ears unless I was stationary and didn't really provide any isolation. I also tried the K3003i but didn't like the fact that it distorted with my Calyx M due to its low impedance so that I had to use an extra M Jack. Looking forward to trying the Answer.
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