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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. SteveOliver

    No not natively as it doesn't have a digital output compatible with the Mojo.
  2. betula

    It literally takes 2 minutes of googleing to find the answer. (No.)
  3. masterpfa
    I think I read the same review as you in What HiFi. I was,, at the time, looking to upgrade my Fiio E18, with the Oppo HA2 firmly in the crosshairs. When I read What HiFi to see what their take was on the HA2 I saw a mention of the best in class DAC/AMP was something called a Mojo. Comparing reviews there I see the Mojo was in their opinion a class above all others in this price range and indeed up to about the £1000 bracket.

    I read one or two further reviews from other HiFi Audio centric websites but non from any forums. For me the Mojo sounded, from the 'professionals' like the DAC to get and for my needs size and price were just about right.

    I too bought it on Amazon within 2 days of reading the first review but unlike yourself, did not read this forum until having owned and used my Mojo for a few weeks and that was only because I wasn't aware that this thread existed (I hadn't been active on Head-Fi for nearly a year)

    What I am trying to say is 'Only you can judge, only your experiences matter to you, only you can tell if the Mojo is for you or not'

    I personally have read this thread from start to finish, but only my own experience and my ears really count, because at the end of the day it's how you feel about the product and not others experiences.

    As a good friend always says to me
    'Know Thy Self'
     I have not had any issues with my Mojo, none that have been highlighted in the thread.

    Open the box, try your Mojo and above all try to listen to the MUSIC only and enjoy, try not to analyse or search for issues. If there is a problem or fault it will make itself known

    Please just try to enjoy
    The Mojo accepts, as inputs, USB, COAX and Optical only
  4. Duncan Moderator
    Think of the Mojo (and Hugo) as a full sized CD player that has a variable line level output (for pre-amping) - there is no amplifier inside the CD player...

    Sane principle applies.
  5. rkt31
    yes exactly, Hugo, mojo, TT and Dave are like high end CD player with variable volume. what hi fi in Hugo's review said that Hugo can save many thousands $ for a high end preamp, if used as preamp. i feed Hugo directly to a power amp and results are extremely good. only thing you will have to get up to change the volume in case of mojo and Hugo.
  6. rkt31
    I don't want to remove Hugo every time for portable use therefore planning to get mojo shortly for portable use.
  7. fluidz
    Reading this thread you would think that Ebay would be clouded with Ha-2's for sale..
    And I guess every time a ha-2 buyer reads this thread it only makes them feel disappointed with their purchase. (Me included) 
  8. Whitigir

    The only option you have from Chord at the moment :D, you will love it for portable uses
  9. wdh777
    I'm considering selling my sony pha-3 for the mojo.  Any thoughts if I would regret it?  
  10. Whitigir
    Pha 3 has balanced connection, mojo does not, would that be a factor for you ? Idk....
  11. Starcruncher
    PM3 at duty free? Why not. Even sitting next to a temperamental and adventerous toddler, this is going to be a nice flight.

  12. Ike1985
    I noticed something interesting w/mojo. When playing and charging at the same time from my macbookpro it gets quite a it hotter than when doing the same from an iPhone.
  13. Pokersound
    Has somebody pared the DX100 to Mojo?
    Which is the best way to connect it, via optical or coaxial?
    Could somebody recommend me one cable that can be buy it in Amazon?
  14. NaiveSound

    This is what I use for dx80 to mojo, but I'm. Afraid there is a better way? Can someone help me?

  15. wdh777

    I'm using the Audeze EL-8 and just noticed they sell a balanced cable for use with the PHA-3 so if I decide to keep the PHA-3 I will get that cable and run it balanced.  Given what I can get in a sale of the PHA-3 I should probably just keep it vs trade for a Mojo unless you all think the Mojo is noticeably better.  This may be a different decision if I was considering buying both new given the price differential.
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