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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. spook76
    First, what application are you using on your iPod Touch? I know for example TuneShell automatically downsamples to 16/44.1 regardless of the original file. When I first received my Mojo I had the same problem so I moved all my high resolution files to Onkyo HF Player (ultimately I moved my entire library to Onkyo).

    One thing to note, if you are using Onkyo, turn off the upsampling option in settings or all files will be output upsampled to 24/192.

    As for the cable sometimes not working, try doing the following steps:
    1. Turn off iPod Touch
    2. Turn on iPod Touch
    3. Log in
    4. Turn on Onkyo
    5. Turn on Mojo
    6. Connect interconnect to the Mojo
    7. Connect interconnect to iPod Touch
    This should connect your iPod Touch to the Mojo.
  2. raelamb

    Using Onkyo and up sampling is turned off. I hate to have to disconnect everything every time I listen:frowning2:
  3. spook76
    As long as you do not turn off or restart the iPod Touch you should not have to disconnect anything.

    As for sampling rates, since I have moved to Onkyo the sampling rate has been correct on the Mojo from 16/44.1, 24/48, 24/88.2, 24/96 and 24/192 (the highest resolution file I have).
  4. mscott58
    Don't have a JitterBug but do have an UpTone USB Regen that I can share some quick insights on regarding how it works with the Mojo. 
    The Regen works great on my Geek Pulse X Infinity, definitely cleaning up the signal and making an audible positive improvement. 
    However, with the Mojo I don't really hear an improvement at all and have no confidence I could identify the different setups in any type of of A/B testing. The Mojo appears to be great just as it is, with it's combination of awesome clarity and musicality.
    Also the Regen unit makes the connection a bit more complicated and risks putting strain on the micro USB connector. I put a support under the Regen to make sure the ports were aligned and stress-free. 
  5. x RELIC x Contributor
    With regard to devices like the jitter bug.

  6. sandalaudio
    I bought the Jitterbug when it came out, and it does do a good job of cleaning up the USB. Unlike most USB filter that only cleans up the 5V bus power lines, Jitterbug has a choke decoupling for the USB data lines too.
    The only thing is, most good USB DACs (like Mojo) already have a very good USB input filter built-in, so the addition of Jitterbug don't actually improve the "cleanliness" of the internal circuitry. I didn't try with Mojo but I measured the supply voltages into the D/A and analogue output sections of my iFi micro iDSD, and it made no measurable improvement. (the first graphs below shows how Jitterbug cleans the bus power at the USB connector, while the second graph shows that the actual voltages inside iFi aren't affected much regardless).
    It's one of those rhetorical questions where if Jitterbug makes a "huge" difference to the DAC sound quality then that DAC was probably not designed very well to begin with.
    One issue with Jitterbug is that it's a passive filter, so the output signals are attenuated a little bit, e.g. 5V bus power drops to around 4.9V. This might be a problem with some long USB cables etc.
  7. pinoyman
    is the fiio l19 out now?

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Mython Contributor
    There seem to be a few available in China, but I'm not aware of an official international release, yet. I don't know if that is because of lack of stock, or if it might be caution on Fiio's part - not wishing to annoy Apple, perhaps?
    We shall see...
  9. TokenGesture
    My mojo has decided not to play nice with my new Pioneer dap. Worked yesterday, tonight nada.

    I'm starting to get a little fed up with the connectivity issues I'm getting. First with iOS now otg.

    Plus the whole stacking business. I don't know if it's worth it. I mean great sound but for on the go I want thing to work first time every time.
  10. florence
    Is there anyone pairing Mojo with Fidelio X2? How's the performance?
  11. Tom1206

    Yep, I'm curious to. How does theses two perform?
  12. heliuscc

    This is pushing me towards a DX80 as a transport, the only connection I haven't read issues with is the coax digital, and cables are easy to build, but very few 3.5 mono jacks so will probably try a bridged stereo jack either end at some point from switchcraft or neutrik. I suppose mono jacks aren't in great demand apart from 6.2mm for guitars
  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Well I give FiiO props for being an outstanding interactive supportive company that is pushing the game forward at an affordable price. Compared to my iDSD nano/Note 4 it was very outmatched.
    So much so that I delayed my review because I am very much a fan of the Company in many ways. My review video will not change however when it is finally posted.
    I bought the Mojo for the idea that the DAC was basically coded by a guy with a goal of musical joy in mind and he ******* nailed it.
    Charge the Mojo and get a good cable. I have been doing the Smartphone as a transport thing for a while now so hit me up if you hit issues I am going through /getting over now.
    Put your phone in airplane mode when you can just to eliminate most of the emi possibilities though I have had none. You made the right choice. This thing is pretty ******* epic
  14. sandalaudio
    That's exactly what I did. I used a Belden SMA coax cable with Amphenol stereo jacks because they were much better quality than Neutrik (REAN), whereas Switchcraft is too bulky.
    One issue with DX80 is that  it can't output DoP/DSD through S/PDIF. It doesn't even convert to PCM, so it simply plays silence, at least with the current firmware 1.1.4.
    masterpfa likes this.
  15. heliuscc

    Bugger, so now that doesn't work either!!! DX50 converts to PCM just fine
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