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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. salla45
    wow! 5v! crikey. That's some output. Wonder what needs that much.
  2. NikonGuy
  3. salla45
    better than naim - ls50? is that with the mojo also? i mean the naim - ls50 comparison.
  4. NikonGuy
  5. baglunch
    I just received my Chord Mojo, and it has the buzzing problem.  It's an occasional loud, digital sounding buzz, and occasional clicks.  My S/N is in the 22 thousands.  What S/N do ppl have from recently ordered units?
  6. NikonGuy
  7. uzi2

    Neither the Hugo, nor the Mojo need a "line out" function at all. Rob needed a constant output when he was developing the Hugo and the function which he made for the purpose was left in the production model. I don't know why he chose 3V, though.
  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    Yes, I know. Did you read my posts? Lol! The shortcut to 3V instead of 2V is a mystery to me as well. I guess it doesn't matter as it'll sound just as good if you lower it, just not as loud going in to the amp. I think earlier Rob said that green was close to 2V but I can't recall exactly.
  9. salla45
    ooh... do keep us appraised! I have the KEF X300A and am now quite frustrated that the input with those  is dig only, OR it rather oddly converts to digital an analogue signal and then back to analogue again to output to the speaker!
    please consider posting your findings here:
  10. obsidyen
    I use Mojo with Dali Kubik speakers. They have a dac and amp in them but Mojo makes a huge difference. I connect Mojo and Kubik system with QED Performance Audio J2J 3.5mm cable.
  11. commingled
    Wow.  This thing is beautiful.  I'm glad I stayed in today on the off-chance that it would be delivered.
    Gotta start posting somewhere, so as mundane as it is, I'll address the concern of a buzz / hum / RF noise while charging, and in my case a flickering light, that I saw, oh, a hundred pages back.  This thread moves fast, so here's my experience for imminent posterity.  The noise came immediately upon plugging the unit into an Apple knock-off 1A wall charger.  The sound was intermittent and had a few variations, with the charging LED either on, off or flickering.  It's a dreadful first experience with a gadget to have one's excitement knocked out of them over worry about the battery and then rush to a forum to see what may be the problem.  So, after that, I plugged it into my Anker multi-port "smart" USB charger, which I didn't use at first since there's no indication of its intelligent allocation of amperage, and the noise was gone. 
    True story.
    Perhaps the knock-off was just under 1A.   Anyway, the first post I read mentioning this charging noise was angling for a decision to return the unit and a damper on my excitement, so lest this was covered by Chord in the meantime, to those with the same concern: I doubt the noise indicates any issue at all.  Just try another charger till it's quiet.
    Looking forward to the warmth this puts out over the winter.
    Hoping it does well with my HE-560 so I can sport some expensive earmuffs too.  My portable dac/amp wasn't meant to be ambitious, meant mostly my Etymotic ER-4P (adapted to 4S) and iPod touch, but being underwhelmed by the JDS C5D, which I admittedly didn't give it much time, I thought I'd splurge on the Mojo to be more impressed and have a chance of strolling around with the HE-560.
    salla45 likes this.
  12. psikey
    I think charger is important for Mojo. I have a Samsung 2 Amp fast Charger which works perfectly (also had no issue with a 1A) but if I connected a long USB extension cable I got the noise/clicking with the power light flashing. Also had it with a cheap brand USB cable too. 
  13. johndean
    I don't care if the Mojo farts while charging as long is there no noise while listening! 
  14. reihead
    I'm using an 1amp HTC charger to charge my Mojo
    Mojo is off, no other cables connected and while charging it makes a weird continuous noise, I have to put the Mojo close to my ear to hear it but is always there.
    As soon as the charging is completed or if I turn it on, noise is gone.

    Anyone experiencing this?


    Well a few posts about it while I was typing mine... I don't mind the noise while charging, just wondering if I was alone on this issue, there is no flickering of the charging light tho.
  15. commingled
    Nor do I, but in such situations my emotions blow with the intemperate winds of forum posts and their collectivized anxiety.  A lesser part of me probably wanted to ask but what about my battery?
    T-9 hours till first use.  I hope the Anker charger is pushing 2A, 'cause I can't wait!
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