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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. GreenBow
    I think Rob Watts said that optical is the reference sound. Not due to anything internal about the Mojo, but due to no noise being introduced into the Mojo. Noise from the metal cables and RFI. Noise also from noisy PCs and the USB connection. (Hence why some of use Aidioquest Jitterbug on our Mojo USB connection.)
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  2. captblaze
    now that Poly is a much more reliable device (my experience) I find the need to use other source connections to be unnecessary. direct from SD to Mojo provides my ears with the most pleasing sound of all

    and yes I do understand not everyone can justify a $700 streaming add on, but Poly has (finally) made it to the party and is welcome to stay
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  3. JamieMcC
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  4. Totoxio
    I'd recommend going optical, unless you use coaxial with an isolated USB to SPDIF converter like Schiit Eitr or similar. The reason? Coaxial, because it still uses a cable, is also susceptible to carry electrical noise from the source and pick up EMI/RFI from the air, unless it is galvanically isolated. I went that way with a complicated devices chain and I regret it. Optical is much simpler and cost effective.
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  5. Matpar
    As a matter of fact I have an USB C to SPDIF from Cayin that hopefully will work with the X10T (it should have this sort of output implemented). But I will look into the optical options and see what happens. Let you know about the result. For sure in my humble experience, USB input is the one that TO ME is less satisfactory and, as stated already by other members, more prone to noise (EMI/RFI).

    My experimental rig at the moment will be X10T as a transport, Mojo in "Line out mode" as a DAC and then a Corda Quickstep at the end as the amp. :)
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  6. dakanao
    I wasn't satisfied with the Mojo through USB with everything stock. It wasn't until I purchased an isolator, 2 Jitterbugs (1 sitting in an unused port of the same USB bus) and a shielded USB cable that I really started to love the Mojo.

    It just makes it more analogue, more controlled treble more defined bass, more natural timbre, better separation, transient response and resolution due to the lower noise distortion, just all around more refined.
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  7. ZappaMan
    If I power a chromecast via usb, then use optical to the dac, would putting a jitterbug in line (between power and chromecast) help theoretically?
    I’d guess not, that it’s just used to clean up data signals?
  8. miketlse
    I doubt it.
    The jitterbug web page, states that it doesn't reduce jitter, but chord users did find that it reduced electrical noise.
    If you use chromecast, then you are removing electrical noise from the equation anyway, so I cannot envisage how jitterbug would add value.
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  9. dakanao
    Yeah, even though it's called the Jitterbug, it doesn't reduce jitter but it reduces electrical noise. I don't know if it'll work on the Chromecast theoretically
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  10. miketlse
    If you use chromecast audio, you are connecting the CCA to mojo via optical, so no electrical noise can be transferred.
  11. rkt31
    I was the person who posted about xduoo x10t V1 as I am using it with HMS. Now xduoo x10t V1 has been discontinued and V2 has better format support. It is very clean transport to the point that the seller from I bought told me that it is excessively warm with mojo which I knew was good thing because a digital transport sounding warm means it has very low jitter. It is bit perfect and not due to some eq it is warm, which I checked from dsd encoded as dop into FLAC . It successfully passed dsd dop flac into HMS.
  12. ubs28
    I believe a while ago in this thread people were talking about a Mojo 2 coming.

    Any news on this?
  13. joshnor713
  14. Matpar
    Self quote, the X10T arrived, wow.


    X10T as source, controlled via HiBy directly from my smartphone, then USB C to coaxial in the Mojo, then line out mode to Corda Quickstep, finally to my Audeze isine 20.

    One of the most punchy, detailed and clean rig I have made so far. :)
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  15. GreenBow
    I would go via optical if I had the option like that. Plus I would not use an amp.

    (Great photo.)

    That's a great file source though, with the whole choice of connections.

    By the way, I would recommend the Mojo case. The case was worth it to me, for peace of mind. I feel far more confident handling and moving my Mojo about. It seems silly, but I was always incredible tense about dropping something on the Mojo and marking it. Mojo always felt very vulnerable to damage on my desktop. Mojo in the original Chord case is stunning too. Worth the entry price just for that, and I don't ever worry about looks.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
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