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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. SteveOliver
    If its a 7.4v battery then it must be a two cell battery, if it doesn't have a balance tap, only two wire + and - then it must have a built in battery management circuit.

    If you take the heatshrink off, very carefully, don't puncture the cells, then you should be able to see the BMS circuit. I suspect one of the cells in that pack is faulty the other one is probably still OK so > 3v.
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  2. lwells

    Thanks for the quote. I'm not underestimating Chords design abilities. I think they design wonderful products.

    I am however doubting their knowledge of the degradation of different lithium ion chemistries. This is what I do. You wont find me critiquing any other aspects of the circuit.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
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  3. nsolarz
    yea no thanks lol. The battery already felt very swollen when removing it, so I am disposing of it rather than disassembling it further.
  4. SteveOliver
    Lipo batteries made of special pixie-tears, I'm not saying John is making it up, but the Poly thread has taught me not to believe a lot of what he says.

    The battery is non-standard and not an off-the-shelf item in that it has a BMS circuit, other that that, call me a skeptic.
  5. Mython Contributor
    You can choose to latch-onto that fragment of the quote that you know very well wasn't the reason I posted the quote. That's your prerogative.

    You're entitled to your skepticism, if you have your own reasons. However, this is a public thread and I wouldn't wish others less knowledgeable than yourself to be led to believe that it's open season for generic cell-swaps with Mojo, as it could lead to danger to them and/or to their Mojo hardware. Therefore, you may do as you wish, with your Mojo, and I wish you good luck, but I would advise anyone else with a Mojo in need of a fresh cell to contact their dealer, in the first instance, to see what they are charging, and if that turns out to be too expensive, you might try e-mailing Chord Electronics Ltd, in the UK, to organise purchasing just the cell itself (probably shipped via a dealer), if one feels capable of installing the new cell safely, themselves.
  6. SteveOliver
    Yes I 100% agree, please nobody mess about with Lithium batteries unless you know what you are doing.
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  7. lwells
    No worries. I didn't take offense.

    I happen to design materials for next generation lithium ion cells and teach M.Sc. courses in lithium ion construction and degradation. I'm not posting my concerns about this pack because I want to point fingers about design or part selection. I'm in this discussion because it would be a fun side project and I happen to have all the necessary equipment and knowledge.
  8. Mython Contributor
    Who knows, you may design the next best thing in lithium cells, if you apply yourself to it as a serious project.

    Seriously, many of the best inventions in history have been from average Joes in their back garden shed, tinkering away at some problem or other they've noticed and decided to apply their mind to solving.
  9. lwells
    I'm heavily applied on serious lithium ion work.

    Improving the pack design for the mojo would just be a fun side project. No inventions are necessary; just knowledge and equipment. Nothing worthy of publications. :smile_phones:
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
  10. Mython Contributor
    If only 'the powers that (unfortunately) be' would release their stranglehold on the petro-dollar-based economy and stop suppressing scalar energy, we might not need to even bother with batteries...

    But that's an off-topic can of worms.
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  11. ChasingDopamine
    Finally pulled the trigger on this one. Arrives tommorow.

    Upgraded from dragonfly red, briefly considered the new Fiio Q5 but decided to give this one a shot based on everything I've heard. Exited to see if the hype is real.

    Does anyone know if I can connect to my phone via a usb-c to usb OTG cable connected to a usb to micro USB (non OTG) cable? Does anyone have a single cable recommendation to connect to a Samsung note 8, or a good optical cable to connect to a PC?
  12. betula
    I think you made the right decision, supposing you don't need Bluetooth.
    Q5 is great, but Mojo sounds even better. As far as I know, you need OTG cable. I don't think plugging an OTG and non-OTG cable together will work.
    I have recently upgraded my phone, so had to change my micro b to micro b USB cable for a micro b to type c one.
    This should arrive tomorrow.
  13. dontfeedphils

    It's a pricey cable, but if you stack the Mojo on the back of your phone this cable works perfectly (and doesn't stick out and get in the way of everything).
  14. ChasingDopamine
    The bluetooth did appeal and i would love to try the Q5 one day, but the limited reviews mention it being bright and that was the dealbreaker for me. I figured i would take the SQ hit on the move just to get the best sound during critical listening/evening relaxation.

    Interesting, i read in the FAQ on the third post that the cable must be OTG on the phone end only, not on the mojo end. Im hoping to find a good one on amazon in time.

    Also, does anyone know if the following cable would work from my PC?
    Am i right in thinking that optical would be best from a PC to reduce noise/interference?
  15. betula
    The FAQ is right and I am wrong then. Every day we learn something new.
    The Q5's treble is indeed a bit on the bright side. Mojo is much more relaxing.
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