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  1. miketlse
    The blinking led, is an indication that your charger is not providing enough current (must be 1A minimum). Many owners have found that Samsung phone chargers, Apple chargers, and Anker chargers work well. I use Samsung chargers, and experience no problems.
    The white light is generated by using three leds (red + green + blue) and in theory should produce white light. But manufacturing tolerances mean that some people like myself, see white light with a tinge of purple. Nothing to worry about, because the key point is that the light will go out when fully charged. I tend to charge at night, so if the light is out when i wake up in the morning, then I am happy.
    I think that you will be ok in the long run, but you are just going through the phase of identifying which is the best charger to use, and for how long to charge your mojo. :relaxed:
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  2. slayer6288
    Is the 3V line out mode a fixed volume? What volume should I have the mojo in this scenario? Dont you usually put your source in this case the mojo when going into a car aux?
  3. miketlse
    The line out, is a fast track to 3V - but you can then change the voltage using the volume balls as normal. Each click of the balls represents 1 db, so the default 3V followed by four clicks of the -ve ball will result in an output voltage of 1.9 V, which is as close as we can get to the standard voltage of 2V.
  4. rbalcom
    Mojo User Manual
  5. Lee Corke
    after installing the relevant software for windows 7 on my laptop, I am left with 3 different ways to affect the volume that comes through to Shure 535Ltd SE iems.

    digital out volume
    windows media player volume
    hardware volume buttons on mojo

    Question (1)
    Is there a recognised (best practice) procedure for the setting of these three different controls, to achieve optimum results?

    Question (2)
    Is there a recommended software application that is particularly suited to the Chord.? I am not after fancy equalizers or tone controls/bass boosts and such, I just want to hear the Mojo as its creators intended.

    Any help/advice will be appreciated.
  6. GreenBow
    On second thoughts.

    If the power LED is alternating between white and a colour. That happens to me sometimes, but only if I have the Mojo charging for more than about six hours. It has a cut-out on the charger if it goes past about six hours. This only happens when charging the Mojo and playing it at the same time. As then charging takes ages.

    You should read the 3rd post as that is where the FAQ is. Also get the manual from the Chord website. Thirdly try the search function this website, as this has been covered before.

    Another state is, if the power LED is alternating between on and off and is white when on. I think that means charger not supplying enough current.

    Really though, you should be reading post three. I know I have answered this question more than once myself in this thread. (I have seen it answered many times.) It should still all be documented in post 3, although I think some information got lost. Due to the website re-design.

    Best advice is to switch it off, and charge it for ten hours. Just be patient.
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  7. escknx
    Alright I finally got Hugo and Mojo.

    Also I've made myself a favor with the best audio gear investment of 50usd into THIS little thing and a pair of 1/4 TRS cables.

    No more thinking and placebo psychological effects - just volume matching and pure blind ABing.

    Using Fostex TH900 and Senn HD700 with various genres, bitrates, lossless formats, Foobars, Tidals and Google Music(my favorite) I was trying to spot a difference between Burson Conductor ES9018 and Chord DAC's.

    Mojo vs Burson: Burson is cleaner, spacier, airier.
    Mojo to Burson AMP via RCA vs Burson: no difference.

    Hugo vs Burson: Unfortunately, I was unable to find even tiniest difference, then I asked my wife to click that A/B switch for me, but again was out of luck detecting that moment she clicked it.
    Hugo DAC to Burson's AMP via RCA, using Bursons front panel switch could - absolutely the same.

    Bottom line both sound great, but Hugo is smaller, lighter, has extremely weird controls and in/out placements.
    Burson is bigger, heavier, more solid looking, has nice controls and in/out placements, but can serve as a small household heater.

    Mojo's DAC is as great as Hugo's one, but AMP part is worse than Burson's guaranteed.

    Also compared to OPPO Sonica and found zero difference between Burson's ES9018 and OPPO's ES9038 implementations - its just exactly same sound.
    Week ago I really believed that Oppo's DAC sounded better that ES9018 Not just believed, I've heard it! :))
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  8. Yourmomm
    Thanks @escknx for this interesting experiment...

    @robthemac, more grist for your mill...? Not quite the discrepancy in cost-of-dacs that we're looking at, but interesting, nonetheless...
  9. Deftone
    Interesting post, ive done this blind AB switching many times and i could detect no differences either, its when i did 2 weeks solely with one dac then 2 weeks with another. i did not need to "look" for the differences then they just stood out all by themselves and thats when i started to really notice the differences.

    Its similar to when i have purchased shiny new expensive headphones, at first i think woah how dissapointing a 10% improvement maybe for A LOT more money, then i go back to the old set after a month and i couldnt stand the poor sound of my previous ones.
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  10. robthemac
    Haha very interesting. Can't wait to test it.
  11. SomeGuyDude
    Numbers and measurements are only there to give us an idea of what we might hear. If the sound is pleasant, don't let people try and convince you that you're wrong because of this or that.
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  12. dannyvstheworld
    It turns off after being fully charged. I bought it brand new and the first charge only took 5 hours or so, but the second charge almost took like 8 hours, and the third charge was also a bit longer than usual. Afterwards the charge time gets back to normal.
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  13. bytor33
    Has anyone ever got DSD 128 to play without getting cutouts?

    For the longest time I thought it was my iPhone 6 not being fast enough to feed it the file. Since I've upgraded to the iPhone X, it still won't play without cutting out. With my Hugo 2 however it plays flawlessly, which leads me to believe the Mojo just doesn't support higher than DSD 64.
  14. Leo-
    I always get spikes with dsd128 on the phone, but works well in my stereo. Plugged to the stereo, I can't do dsd256 at all but I've seen some folks reporting that they were able to do it. BEWARE that in my setup I've got very nasty pops When trying dsd256, so try it at low volumes first.
  15. escknx
    The point is when I try to fast switch from phone to Mojo I hear the difference immediately, cell phones as well as PC's and laptop's outputs dont provide that power control over the headphones as real nice amps.

    Its not about measurements, its about actual hearing. When I blindly compare 4 high quality DACs(Mojo, Hugo, 9018, 9038) and I can not spot the moment when transition between them occurred, that brings me to conclusion that all these DACs are recovering that analog signal perfectly and any 'thoughts' about one is being better that the other are psychologically motivated and have nothing to do with hearing.
    They just build analog signal right, without adding any filters, effects, up/downsamplings.
    In the other hand I can spot the difference immediately between 2 batches of X00, one from 2xxx and another 5xxx series. They are different, no doubts about that, I can hear it blindly side by side.
    I also can hear the difference between TI PCM5102A DAC and ES9080 or Chord's. But nothing between Chord and ES9018.
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