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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
    What the heck did I say that was contradictory to the information Rob Watts has provided????
    If you do the math, you find that my statement is consistent with his. +1.78dBV is 8 clicks (8dB) down from the Mojo preset. That is 100% consistent with saying that 1.9Vrms is 4 clicks (4dB) down from the Mojo preset.
    What I disagree with is the statement that 4 clicks down is nominal line level. It simply isn't. The standard for line level is ~+1.78dBV... so yes, I 100% disagree with the statement being perpetuated by members here (Rob Watts didn't say 4 clicks down was nominal line level, just that it was 1.9Vrms) that 4 clicks down is line level. It's 8 clicks down, which 8dB down from 3Vrms, which is ~+1.78dBV. I encourage you to point out anything there that is factually untrue or contradictory to what the designer has stated. You won't find it.  
  2. miketlse
    Rob Watts has said that 3V is nominal line level, and 4 clicks down will reduce that to 1.9V.

    The Mojo preset is 3Vrms. And he said that 4 clicks down will reduce it to 1.9Vrms.
    Ask any audio professional... The standard for a line level output is +4dBU or ~1.23Vrms. Which is 8dB down from the Mojo preset. Which is 8 clicks down from the Mojo preset. Which is 100% consistent with what the designer has said.
    So again... tell me what I've said that is contradictory.
  4. Ancipital
    The Schiit Jotenheim is shockingly good with the HD650, especially balanced out. You normally have to go quite high up the food chain to find a good SS pairing. That may be one of the best bang for buck/easy pairings.. 
    (Disclaimer, I am too lazy to baby tube amps, and thus love that there's finally a good affordable balanced SS option for my HD650s- I'm sure there are some decent value tube pairings too.)
  5. miketlse
    It is irrelevant what other audio professionals use as the standard.
    We are talking about the Mojo, and the Mojo user manual states:
    Line Level Mode To set the output level to 3V ( line level ) for connection to a preamplifier press both volume buttons together when switching on the unit. 
    So line level is 3V - it does not matter what other designers or dacs or amplifiers use as line level. For the Chord Mojo, the line level is 3V.
    Of course it's 100% relevant... are you nuts? Standards exist for a reason... if one piece of equipment is designed to use a line level input per the standard and you throw 3Vrms at it, you're going to overdrive it. Period.
    You can call the 3Vrms setting whatever you want, but when you talk about bringing it down to a standard line level it is 100% not 4 clicks. It's 8 clicks, or 20 clicks if you're going for the consumer standard.
    Try using the search feature on the internet, I'm sure you'll find some excellent information about line levels. It's something that's been answered many times before.
  7. miketlse
    I said that 2V was the standard line level output for early CD players 30 years ago.
    Very few modern amplifiers list 2V as their max line level input, so it is not a widely followed standard nowadays.
    The hifi market has decided that a 30 year old standard is irrelevant today.
    I can imagine you in 30 years time, insisting that the standard for headphone sockets is 3.5mm, even though all heaphone sockets in the intervening 30 years, had been designed to follow the latest Apple practice.
  8. Ancipital
    Oh course, why didn't I think of that? I'm so stupid!
    Could it be that we generally don't have air conditioning in homes, in northern Europe, perhaps? [​IMG]
  9. Dithyrambes
    I have a pair of eve SC204 with ts107 which have electrical protector inside. They flash when it goes over the conditional standard line level. After 4 clicks, they don't blink anymore..........so I believe it is correct that it is 4 not 8 even if it doesn't compute :)
  10. Peter Hyatt
    The Mojo Accessory Kit arrived today and I am pleased. 
    The module works nicely with the iPhone, and allowed me better control walking on the treadmill.  
    The extra cords are all substantial and it is nice to have those other types than I use, should the circumstance arise. 
    Does anyone know which Pelican case (size) would hold the Mojo in its case, and the accessories, together?
  11. Mython Contributor
    Pelican 1040 may be about right for you, Peter; 1020 would be a bit of a squeeze for all the accessories.
    Peter Hyatt likes this.
  12. EagleWings

    You mean all the accessories that came with the cable connection kit or just a couple of cables and the module?
  13. White Lotus

    Figured it out thanks mate. Had to juggle the USB type C adapters until I found one that works. I think I want to buy a Mojo, these are great little units.
  14. Peter Hyatt


    Thanks, Mython.  I should have checked that post!  It is magical with all its answers.  I assumed...with the new accessory kit, but the photo of 1040 looks like it would be complete!  
    Mython likes this.
  15. tomwoo

    I ordered a Pelican 1060 to hold my Mojo and X7. After carefully comparing the specs of 1010, 1020, 1040 and 1060,I ended up with the biggest one in Micro Series. There is nothing you can do if the case is too small, but you can alway squeeze in more stuff if you feel the case is too big.
    My 2 cents.
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