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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. rwelles

    My lavricable also works now!!! thx, @henddy 
  2. eldss
    Thanks @tretneo. I'll try that option. Will do @Mython. actually read post#3, but had only seen the options with the camera connector kit, but appreciate feedback. 
  3. maxh22
    I remember you saying you replaced Mojo as your desktop dac with a Modi Multibit. The Modi  doesn't overheat like the Mojo does in your system. I never had that kind of problem (even with traveling) a very easy solution is just to put the AC on and it cools the whole room (Mojo included).
    What kind of differences did you find between Mojo and Modi MB in DAC only mode connected to Jot?
  4. Mython Contributor
    [​IMG]  There are half a dozen cables listed there, that will circumvent the need for the CCK:
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  5. NaiveSound
    Anyone have an idea of a short 3 to 6in usb OTG for my note5 to mojo? Something that looks cool and is also good quality, but under 50$
  6. zept0sec

    I've seen plenty of people use the Mojo as a DAC only with a 3.5mm mini to dual RCA cable. Cavalli Audio, for one, has demonstrated several of their amps with the Mojo in the past.
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  7. HiFiChris Contributor
    To be fair every DAC needs an analogue output stage, so the "all dual-amping is bad" attitude is sometimes exaggerated as long as the source (the Mojo in this case) puts out a really clean signal and as long as the Amp that is connected to it is not too shabby, and as everybody here should know, the Mojo is a great measuring device with a clean output.

    I'm by the way also using my Mojo as a DAC only in over 80% of applications for two or three reasons.
  8. Angular Mo
    Has anyone paired the Mojo with the Vorzuge Pure II+ ?
  9. Forty6

    Just got to know Jmills8 has done it with the German amp , he should be able to give us his impression of the pairing .
    Most likely tomorrow . Ha
  10. Forty6

    I regret selling off my beloved 2 channel rotel rb970bx ..

    People keep mentioning "this mode is a 3V output"... Can someone put this in context? Nominally 3Vpp, 3Vrms, or 3Vpk? Is this at full scale?
  12. Forty6

    Nice right :D

    Not mine , but thinking of getting it for my mojo and E5 .

  13. Ancipital
    If you read the manual, it absolutely is intended to be able to deliver a line level, if you want to run it into a full sided amp. Heck, if you hold down both volume buttons while powering it on, it will preset the output level to one suitable for a line level. It delivers a remarkably clean and pleasant SE signal, and sounds good through some serious amps.
    There's a big difference between "goes loud" and "doesn't make your headphones sound like detail-free insipid poop". The HD650 sound bland, lacking in detail and separation, lacking in bass and highs right out of the Mojo. They're a wonderful headphone but have demanding amplification requirements in reality; it's probably completely unfair to expect the Mojo to drive them.
    As to what is lacking, I have no clue, I'm not qualified to guess- is it overall power? Current? Slew rate? But it sounds really bad. HD650 (at least as stock) are warm, slightly bassy but ultra-detailed dynamics with a decent soundstage. Out of the Mojo, most of that detail is simply not there, the the FR just sounds flat- especially at the low end.
    That said, it's possible to hear "loud" and think that it's right, unless you're used to those headphones from a better amp; made that mistake myself in the past.
    The Mojo is fine driving easy stuff like Oppo PM-3, HD-25 or IEMs- they all sound fantastic. HD650? Not so much.
  14. miketlse
    The default max voltage is 6V, so pressing the 2 volume balls is just a short cut to setting the output voltage to 3V. 
    You can leave the output at 3V, or adjust it using the volume balls to increase/decrease the voltage/volume.
    4 presses of the -ve ball, reduces the voltage to 1.9V, which is not too far from the 2V which was the standard output voltage from early CD players (but we are talking 30 years ago).
    My Arcam amplifier has a max input voltage of 2.5V, so I start the mojo at 3V then 2 presses of the -ve ball, and that seems to work perfectly ok.
    here is the info from post #3
    To set the output level to 3V ( line level ) for connection to a preamplifier press both volume buttons
    together when switching on the unit. Both volume balls will illuminate light blue. This mode is not
    remembered so when you switch off it will reset back to the previous volume stored for safety reasons.

    To set the output level to 1.9V RMS, first follow the above guidance, to attain 3V, and then continue further, with the following:

    Just saying 3V or 6V makes no sense without context. I asked if it was 3Vpp, 3Vpk or 3Vrms and if that was measured at full scale, -6dBFS, etc. ... Without this information the value is nonsensical.

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