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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Mython Contributor
    If you're using Mojo with a DAP, then Sysconcepts seems to be the best option for compact and functional optical cables, at this point in time.
  2. miketlse
    There is a section in post #3 devoted to optical/toslink connections.
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  3. maserluv
    Hi Mython,

    I'm using the mojo with Mac mini. I read about audioquest, Supra but do they sound different or superior than the other?

    I have also read about the Lifatec Silflex Glass optical? Do you guys have any experience with them?

    Regards Wayne

  4. Mython Contributor
    There are differing opinions - some people claim glass cables are superior to plastic ones, but it's not quite that simple - as you may already be aware, it is even more important that the ends of the fibres (regardless of the material they are made from) be cleanly & accurately cut, and carefully terminated with the connector. The best materials in the world will still perform badly if the manufacturer tries to take shortcuts with these aspects of optical cable manufacture. I linked the following quote, in post #3:
    As for specific recommendations for longer optical cables, for desktop use, this isn't really the best thread to ask, since it is focused more on Mojo than on cable discussion - you'd be better off asking in the cable-specific areas of Head-fi:

    Cables, Power, Tweaks, Speakers, Accessories

  5. miketlse
    The post http://www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-please-read-the-3rd-post/2250#post_12023147 describes the benefits of not bending the cable too tightly, and ensuring that the end of the cable is clean (ie not covered in sweat, grease, dust etc).
    Other than that Mython is correct in that Sysconcept is popular. This thread is over 20,000 posts long, and people quickly discover the good and poor types of cable, and post them on the thread.
    I use optical at home to connect mojo to my TV and desktop. I am using this cable with no issues.
    It is faairly cheap, so don't let salesmen con you into believing that you need to pay $100+.
    Kabeldirect also sell this optical cable, with a 3.5mm plug which may suit some people.
    I haven't tried this cable, so I am just posting for information purposes.
  6. warrior1975
    My girl was funny this morning. She found my mojo box, asked "what's a mojo chord?". I had to laugh, it sounded so ridiculous to me.
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  7. EagleWings
    If someone is interested in getting a multi-USB-port charger so that you can charge your Mojo and other devices all at the same time, check this one out. It comes bundled with 5 x USB to Micro USB cables (3 x 1ft, 1 x 3ft, 1 x 6ft). The cables can be used for both charging as well as data transfer. Which means, it can work as a Digital Cable for Mojo.
    Use this code to get an Additional 20% Off: 'ANKERPU7'
    71hqIDyxLL._SL1500_.jpg   51dfdWMLfNL._SL1000_.jpg
    **I am not affiliated to Anker in anyway. Just a happy customer. 
  8. Rumiho
    Just got my Mojo and wow. The power and sound from such a small device is amazing (coming from Valhalla 2 + Bifrost Multibit) and it sounds great with my HD 800's. Very impressed/satisfied with this purchase and now a big Chord fan.
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  9. shultzee

    The more time you get on it the more you will like it.  At least this was true in my case.   I am very happy with how it drives the HD800.
  10. Rumiho
    Yeah, that's what I was reading, looking forward to it ^^. It's also nice to be able to sell my Schiit gear and make money while keeping the Mojo with its sound and portability.
  11. canali
    good to hear it..esp since my current anker cord doesn't work...
    but might hold off and await the new module.
  12. miketlse
    Looks like same product from amazon uk       https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anker-Family-Sized-Desktop-Technology-Motorola-White/dp/B00PK1MADE
    and amazon fr https://www.amazon.fr/Chargeur-Secteur-USB-Ports-Anker/dp/B00Q4LFQWG
  13. EagleWings
    Yea, Anker sells both charge-only cables and data-sync cables. It’s good that the cables that come bundled with the charger are data cables.
  14. warrior1975
    EagleWingsThank you for sharing, just ordered 2 with your discount code.
  15. EagleWings
    You bet. [​IMG] 

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