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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. spickerish
    I've been reading up on the Mojo for a while now. I've been thinking about picking one up for a secondary rig for using with my laptop and iPhone. I have just one reservation, in order to fit my music on my iPhone I have to use the down-sample-to-256kbps-function. Just wondering whether using a Mojo would be overkill considering the 256kbps bitrate on the iPhone? I'm thinking of pairing it with my HD600 for round the house use.

    I still use lossless on my desktop rig, but I'll likely use my desktop rig more for that.
  2. M Coupe
    If you use the stock player, there are limitations. If you download the 4-5.00 USD Onkyo HF, you can output high rez from your iphone to your mojo all day long. The stock player is the limitation and not the hardware. Not to mention that the ONKYO HF sounds a great deal better than the stock player too.

    Good luck!
  3. brent75

    Why do you feel you have to down-sample to 256? I have an iPhone 5s and am playing enormous ALAC/FLAC/etc files via the Onkyo HF Player app, then bypassing the 3.5mm and using the lightning out.
    (I have the OPPO HA-2, but have been eyeballing the Chord Mojo as well)
  4. spickerish
    I wish I didn't have to! But I have the 64gig version and my music collection is coming up to 100gigs. Hence the need to down-sample.
  5. Mediahound

    I just manually transfer over lossless albums to my iPhone 6. I mean how many albums do you really need to carry around with you all the time anyways?
    That said, I do have the 128GB  iPhone. 
  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    Reads simply like a storage space issue that the user wants to load most of their library on the iPhone, but will only fit with a smaller bit rate lossy format.

    I'd suggest testing the difference you can hear between 256 AAC and lossless of the same files. If you can't hear a difference then there's your answer. Keeping in mind you can pick up a separate player for the Mojo down the line if you find the differences (if noted) bothersome.
  7. brent75
    Heck, I just have the 32GB version. [​IMG]
    I manually manage as well. I get tired of songs quickly enough that I don't mind connecting my phone once a week and swapping files in and out, vs just having a massive repository where I can get to any song at any time. Only takes a few minutes so not that big of a hassle for me. And when I've heard the difference between big quality files and 256, I knew it was worth the effort.
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  8. ade_hall
    You are talking about iphone to mojo with the stock Music app vs Onkyo HF with no eq and with the same files?
    How can there be a difference?
  9. spook76
    Well first off, the Apple Music app is limited to playback at 16/44.1 whereas I know Onkyo HF Player will play at least 192/24 natively. Also, the sound quality is better with greater clarity than the stock Music app. I will not say "in my opinion" or the idiotic "YMMV" (it is audio not automotive) as all posts are the opinion of the poster so such prevarication or qualification is redundant and unnecessary.
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  10. warrior1975

    I couldn't agree more. Never understood the need for those statements, I can't give anyone else's opinion. I don't understand how anyone could think otherwise, but I suppose to whoever is reading this, YMMV. :wink:

    Doesn't matter, seems like 95%, of the people here absolutely love the Mojo. Listening to mine for hours today. Great, great addition to my stable
  11. ade_hall
    How / why do you think there's a difference? I tried the Onkyo HF app a while ago but preferred the stock Music app from a UI perspective but if the Onkyo HF sounds better I'll give it another go, do you have any sample 16/44.1 tracks that highlight the difference? Thanks 
  12. meraias
    Sorry if this is asked, but would it be bad for the battery life if I were to leave MOJO charged/plugged-in continuously for desktop use most of the time?
    would the charging cut off when battery is full and continue to operate at line current or would it continue to charge Mojo regardless?
  13. Angular Mo
    Elijah Audio cable - micro USB connection for Mojo.

    Bought one from Mike in Australia; initial impressions.

    - quieter backgrounds
    - more of the attack, hitting sound on the cymbals
    - extracts more of what Mojo delivers.
  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    Please read the third post under the battery section. All your answers are there.

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  15. Mediahound

    Not a problem. It will only charge when it needs to. 
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