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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. betula
    Anyone else likes just to touch Mojo and enjoy its warmth and quality finish and material? (Not to mention, it is not a fingerprint magnet. Many could learn from Chord) :)
  2. captblaze
    I'm impressed with Chord's ability to make a premium product at a reasonable price and still maintain an acceptable margin on their end. I will definitely look toward other Chord products as well as the accessories that are in Mojos future
  3. NaiveSound
    The price for mojo is definetly reasonable (just so I don't get shot here, with these people)

    But 600$ is quite high for something that was intended to Accompany a phone. I sure enjoy it, too me perceived value is about 350 tops
  4. captblaze

    ​I sort of agree with you, but some people are actually using Mojo in a dual role of mobile and desktop dac/amp so that adds value.
    and the reason is because Mojo is that good that it can be part of a good desktop setup and retain the mobility it was intended to posess
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  5. NaiveSound

    And that's totally. Undertable, all. I have is a portable rig
  6. wahsmoh
    I like the black CNC'ed aluminum. Reminds me of the faceplates of the old EAD and Theta units I have. I also like the ability to dim the lights of the Mojo. The highest settings are way too bright to be used in a dark environment but the lower setting is just right.
  7. sheldaze
    If all you have is a portable rig, you may be missing some of the sonic quality of the Mojo.
    I was attempting recently to give my brother a listen, but the demonstration was ineffective due to the sonic quality of his headphones. I was essentially attempting to insert the Mojo between his iPod and headphone, and have him hear the improvement. And his setup makes absolute perfect sense for his use, at work, while mobile and connected directly to his iPod. But they did not convey the quality I have heard from the Mojo on many home systems.
    @captblaze have you had any want or chance to compare Mojo against your Gumby?
  8. opienor
    Mojo and AK100 Mk II united in the arms of old Garmin bicycle computer rubber bands. What a perfect match[​IMG]
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  9. captblaze

    ​I own both and have been doing some comparing. I think Gumby has an unfair advantage though, because she is hooked up to Ragnarok and he has much more grunt than Mojo, so I need to get the appropriate line out to RCA cable to bypass Mojos amp and do a dac to dac showdown in the not too distant future...
    I listen to Gumby through a set of HD 800S (the new model) and a set of Wharfedale Dentons and until I can get Mojo through the same transducers I don't think it would be a fair comparison.
    Now compared to any mobile solution I own, Mojo wins hands down between Fulla and a JDS Labs C5D in total resolution, soundstage and dark background... even with my Shure E5C IEMs the noise floor of Mojo is so low that I never get any hiss, whereas with the other 2 portables I get hiss, minor crackling and at low volumes some channel imbalance
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  10. Peter Hyatt

    Interesting. I've thought about this a lot. 
    To me, perceived value is $5,000 to $10,000 worth of technology in a tiny rock-solid, you cannot break me unit that fits anywhere and replaces my Desk top DAC, my desk top AMP and my portable DAC/AMP, all in a tiny size with little footprint.  It surpasses everything I had, or have tested.  
    Value is in the eye of the beholder. 
    I don't think I could afford this much technology.  I certainly didn't think I would ever hear such beautiful definition and musicality.  That I can bring it somewhere in my pocket is amazing.  
    I am going to a function tonight where I will bring it with me, and allow a friend to test it, instead of having to pack up an entire stack. I find myself taking it with me wherever I go.   
    It did not just replace the desk top DAC, amp and portable, it superseded their quality by far.  This is why I get the feeling I am listening to 5K - 10K worth of technology. 
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  11. x RELIC x Contributor

    FYI, you don't bypass the Mojo's discrete analogue output. Lot's of information about it in the FAQ and the third post. It doesn't have a separate opamp setup like most 'traditional' DAC/amps, so there is no opamps to bypass. Line out mode is simply a shortcut to 3V output level, nothing more.
  12. captblaze
    I will have to do some reading then, I was planning on going into Ragnarok through the unbalanced SE inputs, although Gumby is connected via balanced
  13. x RELIC x Contributor

    The output of the Mojo is as clean, or more clean, than most line outs so don't worry about double amping or noise.
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  14. wym2
    Ever since I got the Mojo I have used it as both a desktop and main system DAC (alternating with the Theta). In BOTH setups  the sonic qualities of the Mojo are clearly evident. It is a great DAC in both setups.
    MBP → SDragon → Mojo → AQ Sky → LC
  15. Mojo ideas
    don't worry he's been playing with the magic marker pens. There is no updated Mojo there doesn't need to be.
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