Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. Slater
    Hmmm, they don't really sound like the ZST. ZST is pretty v-shaped with sharp/sibilant treble.

    What I like about these is that they don't really sound like any other IEM in my collection. It's kinda refreshing, so in that regard I'm glad I got them. But given the construction issues, I sure wouldn't pay any more than $18-$19 for these.

    I'm very hopeful that playing with the side vents will make them much better - I'd be happy with a mild L shape. I mostly listen to EDM, and these have a lot less energy because of the lack of sub bass. I'm kind of a basshead, so my initial reactions were ughhh. But the more I listen to them the more I like them.

    The FR graph the vendor posted is rubbish. Basically a perfect example why I don't pay much attention to manufacturer FR graphs.

    I WOULD be interested in a real, actual FR reading done by a HF member though (just out of curiosity). But there's no way it sounds like this graph shows:

  2. paulindss
    Here, Igor from audiobudget made a mesurement on the FR

    It's not exactly the same as the vendor, but it's quite similar.
  3. Slater
    Bingo! I knew that manufacturer's graph was horse malarkey LOL

    His description (especially of the bass/sub-bass) sounds spot on, and the graph he posted looks much more realistic to what I'm hearing. Especially Igor's red line when ASK was OOTB before the drivers were reglued/resealed - once glued/sealed they sound closer to the blue line IMO.

    Also, interestingly there's a graph down in the comments showing another measurement. I mean, the one in the comments looks different than Igor's (and Igor's looks different than the manufacturer's graph)!

    That just goes to show how inconsistent these things are. I think they're just assembling them haphazardly and shipping them out the door. No one is listening to each one to compare to a golden ears pair, because they certainly aren't checking to see if the drivers are properly glued in, the shells are securely in 1 piece, or the plugs are tight.

    I mean, obviously, measurement rigs vary, and so measurements should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I don't hear any piercing 10k highs like he notes though (nor any sibilance, nor any fatigue). It's bright, detailed, and clear, but not piercing. It's a refreshingly welcome sound, because usually we get the same old v-shape with muffled rolled off highs. The sound reminds me a lot of a Sennheiser open headphone (like the HD series).

    I think it will be perfect if I can bump up the sub-bass a few more dbs (I know I can use EQ but I want to do it via tuning if possible).

    Granted, my comments are only an initial impression based on an hour of listening. Normally, I like to listen for a week straight before even saying anything, to give my brain a chance to burn in (and the drivers a chance to as well). So my impressions may change slightly once I give them extended listening through multiple genres. Or who knows, they may fall apart or blow up by then haha (so far they're fine now that they're glued).
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  4. paulindss
    My main concern was with Pierce highs, that's why a asked about Zst.

    Here another fr graph that i found on a user comments on Aliexpress. The Bass and mids looks like Igor graph. But the the highs are not as pronounced. Maybe this Marches what you hear. But in that graph it seems that highs are recessed, no ? You said that they are clear and detailed
  5. HungryPanda
    I really like my Ask and have been using them for several weeks now. They have not fallen apart, have no rattle but I did have to push the pins apart on the right ear piece. I'm using KZ starline tips on mine and really like the sound signature. Good commuting earphones.
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  6. Slater
    Believe it or not, I just settled on Starlines tips on. Great minds think alike - ASK sounds great now.
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  7. Slater
    The treble on mine are right between those 2 graphs - very balanced. Nowhere near as recessed as that black graph you posted, and nowhere near as sharp as Igor's graph. That's what I'm hearing with my pair though - no clue if there's QC differences pair to pair. But like @HungryPanda, I'm enjoying these very much. Yes, they are clear and detailed for their price range. They're certainly no giant killers, but surprising performance for what they are.

    Note that my hearing maxes at 14k-16k, which is right where the graphs drop off like a cliff. So if you like super high frequency treble, maybe you'll want something with more treble extension. But the high end sounds fine to me - cymbals have plenty of sizzle and splash, etc.

    Also, I tip rolled and ended up with KZ Starline tips - getting a great insertion and very tight seal now. I also tried them on my xduoo X3 with Fiio E12A Mont Blanc amp (vs my iPhone before). There's just the right amount of sub-bass punch now. These respond very well to amping, despite technically being easy to drive with my phone.

    EDM like Infected Mushroom, Monstercat, Armin van Buuren, Daft Punk, Goldfrapp, etc sounds great.

    60s, Classic Rock, 80s new wave, and similar genres, is another story. Those genres are notoriously light on sub-bass to begin with, so with those genres the ASK sounds very thin, anemic, and generally unenjoyable. For that I am using bass boost on the FiiO E12A and/or EQing a couple dBs of sub-bass. Those genres sound much better on something with much more punch, like the ZS5, ZS6, etc.

    BTW, I taped the seam vents in various configurations, including fully sealing all vents. It made no significant difference in sub-bass, but taping the vents did narrow the soundscape and make it sound compressed. So I took all of the tape off and left all of the seam vents like they came stock. That's the best configuration IMO.
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  8. kousik1946
    If you are looking for venture electronics, this is their site
  9. CoiL
    Sorry & thanks! I was actually thinking ZS5v1 not ZS3, typo.
    Seems ZS5v1 is more for my preferences.
  10. CoiL

    THIS IS KZ ATE DRIVER IN THERE!!! 99% SURE!!! There is NO driver like this on sale with red shell in DIY area @ AE. Don`t know about Alibaba and taobao though.
    I have opened a lot of ATE`s and I`m 99% sure it is using KZ ATE drivers!
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  11. snip3r77
    R7 is better than k3 HD?
  12. 1clearhead
    When you "tip-roll" the R7 you get better details, when compared to the K3 PRO. But, the HD can compete head-to-head. Build quality on the R7 is really surprising, though I wish they had detachable cables. The housing on the R7 is better built than the K3 PRO/HD model.
  13. Slater
    Wow, pretty cool!

    Now that you mention it, there is definitely a "unique" sound characteristic buried somewhere in the ASK that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It doesn't sound 100% exactly like anything else in my IEM collection.

    I mean obviously it sounds like an earphone (duh), but it's like when you have a soup or some recipe and there is some special spice or seasoning in it that you can't quite put your finger on but you like it. Hard to explain. Perhaps it is using the ATE driver, because the ATE also gives me a similar feeling of "hmmm, there is a unique sound characteristic about this IEM" compared to most of my other IEMs. It is like a fingerprint.

    If you wish, I can open the ASK back up and take photos of the back of the DD driver.

    The ASK DD driver looks identical to this (front, back, diaphragm, magnet vent, mesh, etc):

    The title of the Aliexpress link I posted above says RUKZ. Note the KZ...
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  14. Wiljen
    Thanks but I had looked at venture and they don't do much with cables. That is why I was hoping somebody remembered the post as I cant seem to surface it.
  15. peter123
    I don't understand this, they've got loads of cables. What configuration are you looking for?

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