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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. rishan
  2. drey101
    Moondrop Kanas Pro next to CCA C10 for size comparison. I forgot which thrwad it was that asked for it, so I'll dump the pictures here

    I never realized until I did the side by side comparison how small the Kanas Pro was. Not sure if it can be seen here, but the nozzle of the Kanas Pro is longer and thinner, with a lip comoared to the C10 which is shorter but fatter. It's a bit difficult to put on Final E Tps on the C10, but it'll still fit.

    IMG_20190122_200735.jpg IMG_20190122_200705.jpg IMG_20190122_200639.jpg IMG_20190122_200629.jpg
  3. assassin10000
    Awesome. So much smaller. I asked in the moondrop thread to contemplate whether I'd want to pickup a Kanas or Kanas Pro.

    I've had my eye on the C10 and now the F300 too.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  4. CoiL
    Woah! Didn`t expect KP to be that much smaller than C10 either! =_o
    How about sound comparison between two?
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  5. drey101
    @assassin10000 @CoiL Don't let the small size fool you though, coz like I mentioned in the moondrop thread, I had a hard time finding a proper and comfortable fit for the Kanas Pro. Since the nozzle is quite long and thin, I keep trying to jam it in deeper in my ear. I can get a good seal, but it'll feel like it's hanging out a little, although it seems to be stable.

    For sound comparison, I'll be working on memory coz I'm still lending it out. Ymmv

    The Kanas Pro sounds more cohesive for me as a whole. Sometimes I feel like the C10 can be a bit disjointed, but only when I'm directly comparing it to the Kanas Pro or the BGVP DMG. When using the C10 for extended periods of time, this sensation disappears.

    The Kanas also has better bass presence, has the vocals more forward. Both don't have treble peaks, and there is extremely minor sibilance on both, but the C10 has better highs imo. The Kanas Pro is very very slightly sibilant on the letter S for only the most sibilant of songs, while the C10 shows similar performance but for the 'SH' sound. They both have a wide soundstage, and the vocals in general sound quite natural.

    edit: I forgot to mention that for ootb I liked how the Kanas Pro sounded immediately while I had to get my ears (or burn in) used to the C10 before ending up liking the sound signature and seeing it as a nice different sound signature to my DMG.

    That's all I remember for now. Just looking at sound quality, I prefer the Kanas Pro, but for fit... The C10 just feels more comfortable. The DMG feels the most comfortable for me though. My girlfriend says that the Kanas Pro fits her perfectly, like it was shaped for her ear so again, ymmv.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  6. 1clearhead
    The Kanas Pro looks like it's contoured more towards a woman's inner ear cavity. I would worry about a neck that long in my ear canal. :sweat:
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  7. MidSmoothness
    I find my Kanas Pro’s the most comfortable IEM I have tbh.
  8. drey101
    Lucky! That's the same for my girlfriend, and she has been wearing it entire days in her office since I lent it to her. I think my issue is that I keep trying to jam it in deeper and I don't have the right tips for it yet.
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  9. IryxBRO
  10. CoiL
    LOL, where do You get this stuff?
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  11. 1clearhead
    Finally, my review is up! ...I will be reviewing three(3) piezo hybrid earphones that are sought after for their price and sound! ...Which one is best for you?

    * Before I express my review, there is one earphone I will name strictly by its model, but not by the manufactured brand name due to its blocked nature on this thread. I will provide no links towards this manufacture as well. If you're curious on the brand, you can either check my personal profile or PM me.

    The contenders are DT6, Artiste DC1, and Dacom F01

    General quality of each one:

    DT6 is an in-ear earphone with cables hanging directly down from the ears. Inner-works are a 3-way driver containing one dynamic driver, one BA armature, and one piezo driver per side. It has a nice attractive mirror-like metallic housing finish with detachable cables. The silicone ear tips are unique and specifically made by this manufacturer for its models, which you would either like them or hate them or exchange for a more suitable one, which are provided in the package.

    Artiste DC1 is an in-ear earphone with cables hanging directly down from the ears. Inner-works are a 2-way driver containing one dynamic driver and piezo driver per side. It has a nice attractive fine red metal housing with non-detachable black cables. The ear tips are narrow-bore with a medium fit, or it can be changed for a large or small size, which are provided in the package.

    Dacom F01 is an in-ear earphone with cables hanging directly down from the ears. Inner-works are a 2-way driver containing one dynamic driver and piezo driver per side. It has an all plastic housing with a rubber inner-ear guide for comfort and hold with non-detachable black cables. The ear tips are wide-bore with a medium fit, or it can be changed for a large or small size, which are provided in the package.

    DT6 -vs- DC1 -vs- F01
    Both DT6 and DC1 has good bass bunch, but even though the bass punch has more quantity on the DC1, the DT6 has better quality sub-bass that's sure to please! The bass for the F01 sounds more similar to the DT6, but less refined and rich. For the DT6, mid-bass all the way up towards the very fine treble plays on the neutral side making them more of a neutral and natural sounding earphone out of all three, which will please many people seeking this type of sound signature. Others may prefer DC1, or F01 for a more balanced signature.

    Straight up front, the MID's on the DT6 are sensational when compared to the DC1 or the F01. They have such soothing transparency, which is very hard to overlook! The MID's are very well orchestrated and balanced with the highs giving them such a natural life-like sound signature that you'll wonder how are these tuned so professionally for such a low price! The DC1 and the F01 are good, but no where near this height of endearment. Sadly, the F01 can sound harsh at times.

    Again, the DT6 never stops impressing me showing the power and performance their piezo's can dish out! All three earphones do show the performance of their piezo's, but no where near the clarity and coherency that the DT6 can provide! They're just in another level providing details to micro-details without ever sounding harsh or sibilant. For what it's worth, DC1 and F01 provide decent treble, but the DC1 just does it finer and better, while the F01 sounds slightly sibilant.

    Soundstage and imaging is slightly better than average on both DC1 and F01, but the DT6 has better depth and width giving them a more enjoyable listening experience. The soundstage is so transparent on the DT6 that the DC1 and F01 just downright sounds slightly dull and boring after a long session comparing all three.

    All three are excellent choices, but "flat-out" the DT6 are just in another level!

    Enjoy some PIC's...
    P_20190109_214659_1.jpg P_20190109_214302_1.jpg P_20190122_172111_1.jpg P_20190122_172304_1.jpg

    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  12. Podster
    I'd like to hear these vs. their Dark Side:wink:

    Guess a guy could have worse problems than deciding who gets the job for the day out of his Dirty Chi-Fi Dozen:scream:

    My Dirty Chi-Fi Dozen.JPG
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  13. 1clearhead
    I guess you didn't notice the size comparison from drey101? ...It was just a simple comment on my thoughts. :wink:


    *Courtesy of drey101
  14. Podster
    Get that mind out the gutter and more in line with good reviewing and you will get more ants to the sugar:thinking:
  15. slowpickr
    I believe we can deduce from this that both length and girth matter :scream::grin:
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