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Cheaper headphones with amp OR better quality headphones

  1. OrcaFish
    Hello there,
    I am having some troubles coming to a choice on headphones.  This is my first time considering quality equipment as I have been using some hand-me-down Bose QC2.  I was wondering if it might be better to get a little cheaper headphones with a little amp or better headphones off the bat.  My budget is extremely limited at no more than $200.  I would of course purchase an amp later on if I chose the latter option but I would still like to be able to use them in the meantime through my iphone or computer. I am totally overwhelmed with all the options and I feel like I have over indulged in the research department.  I have heard great things about the ATH 50x, Ultrasone HFi-580, Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One and some others but I have not made up my mind about anything these just seem to be talked about a lot.
    I am looking for something with
    -Great bass but not only looking for bass (not drowning bass)
    -Comfort (I have a larger head and ears my QC2 had barley enough room)
    I dont care about style or anything but portability and maybe a removable cable would be nice
    I listen to a lot of electronic music daily with some indie bands and stuff but i will listen to anything
    (Led Zeppelin is my favorite of all time)
    as for the amp i honestly know nothing about them really so I will leave the suggestions to you
    thanks for the help
  2. OrcaFish
  3. bob2299
    the CAL! comes to my mind 
    good comfort 
    good bass
    small  & portable
    about $70
    and easy to drive, but no detachable cables
    you could also keep an eye out for a used vmoda m100 (maybe), tick all your boxes [​IMG]
    As for headphone amps, Fiio products are good, affordable amps. 
  4. OrcaFish
    hmm i never considered used headphones, I have some knowledge in the home theater department and i have always avoided second hand speakers because of improper break in.  many people will buy a speakers system and immediately turn it up to 100.  I have always believed in the break in process and wonder if this also applies to headphones.  Could you improperly break in the cans and permanently distort the sound if you where to blast them out of the box? my one concern for used headphones
  5. bob2299
    You shouldn't have to worry about that.
    I don't think i've ever heard someone complain about "improper" break in with headphones.
    If you played something loud enough to damage the headphones,they would just stop working.
    buying used gear is a great way to get good stuff at a cheaper price, just make sure it seems legit.[​IMG]
    just my 2 cents [​IMG] 
  6. OrcaFish
    haha alright sounds good ill check into some used m-100s.  I had not considered them before because of the normal $300+ price
  7. OrcaFish
    this must be such an over done topic haha, tough getting replies. sorry for the repeat questions
  8. Prozac2502
    M100 will be really good for any type of EDM. The only problem that may arise is discomfort with the headband.
  9. TheHeadPhoneGuy

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