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Cheap Portable Headphones

  1. UrPhreshness
    Hey I'm looking for some cheap headphones for use around campus.
    Some important things are
    -They're $70.00 or less
    -The Cable length is short (I hate having to tuck it into my pocket or it getting caught on everything)
    -It's comfortable
    -Doesn't leak a lot of sound
    -I'd prefer over ear to on ear (no earbuds though thanks)
    -And not to ugly
     -I like good audio quality but I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile so if it fulfills all these and wasn't amazing
    I was using a pair ATH FC700A around campus until my cousin managed to break get a hold of em and break them over break lol I was thinking of buying a new set before that though because the cable was a bit to long. Right now I'm using portapros but they leak sound and I prefer over ear headphones.
    Thanks for your help!
  2. UrPhreshness
    Any suggestions?
  3. UrPhreshness
    bump... anyone know about the ATH WM55
  4. Ronald Lee
    No so such whether your country sell ATH-SJ5 or not, it sound very decent and is easy to carry around.
    The WM55 you mentioned is very convenient in a way that it's retractable cable, thus you don't have to worry much about keeping the cable after usage. 
    Else you can consider ATH-FC700, not sure of the price, but If I remember Correctly, it's below 100bucks. It comes with a 0.5m cable length plus a meter extension cable. 
  5. UrPhreshness
    Thanks! I live in the US schooling in Upstate NY (Syracuse) I'll check them out anyone know of anywhere you could get the AKG 518 without the limited edition colors
  6. UrPhreshness
    SJ5's seem to have pretty positives reviews any more ideas?

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