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CCA in ear monitors Impressions Thread

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  1. 1clearhead
    Hopefully, I'll be receiving my CCA C12 in a few days from now.
    ...Blue is soo cool! :sunglasses::thumbsup:
  2. tiamor988
    Would be better if you can compare directly to the ZS10 Pro. I can't decide between those 2. Yeah. Blue look so good.
  3. Assimilator702
    Just buy the C12 now. I'll bet it's tuned better than the ZS10 PRO which after comparing to much of the budget iems are a big letdown. While you're waiting for the reviews to trickle in grab a TFZ T2 Galaxy which is the iem that opened my eyes to what I was missing with the ZS10 PRO.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
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  4. baskingshark
    How's the tuning of the TFZ T2 galaxy? Heard it was quite bass head?
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  5. xanlamin
    T2 Galaxy is my fav TFZ IEM. Everything sounds just right for me. I've not been able to find anything better than it in its price range so far. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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  6. Assimilator702
    After reading so many reviews of the ZS10 PRO and finally hearing it I was expecting something with a more coherent tuning. The C10 sounds better to me. The T2 Galaxy is really what I was expecting.
    The overall tuning is brighter than TFZ No.3 but very coherent and with a good tonality in the treble. Cymbals are done very well. I'm a drummer so obviously I know when a set isn't tuned for proper cymbal playback.....T2 Galaxy does cymbals justice with realistic fundamental and integration with low and higher overtones. A type of treble that seems better suited for a BA but TFZ pulls it off with one DD. ZS10 PRO has a strange tuning in the treble that sounds uneven and..... tizzy. Some people love its treble but I find it odd sounding when comparing it to the TFZ T2 or the Tin T2 which also has good treble.
    Tonality is very good. TFZ uses a DD that seems to be better than what KZ is currently using. Hopefully the new released will address this? I hope KZ is listening to what other companies are releasing to stay on their toes and evolve as a company. TRN has shown they can try new things.
    Midrange is not recessed with vocals being very detailed. There's a bit of upper midrange emphasis so female vocals are more prominent. Male vocals sound fuller on the No. 3. but still better than ZSN/ZSN PRO or CA4. Distorted guitars are full and thick when called for and acoustic guitars sound correct. The midbass has good punch but isn't peaky like some sets. The sub bass can be brutal when needed but with most tracks it simply doesnt leave you wanting more. It gives you all the bass in a track which most people are not used to. Telephone from Lady Gaga is a good example. The section after Beyonce's part has a low bass note that most sets hint at while the T2 PLAYS the crap out of. That's something I've only heard in car audio systems. People that dismiss it as only a basshead tuning are not giving it a fair shot. Wide bore tips allow a bit more treble through while the bass still retains most of its potency and always remains tight and controlled and never loose.

    If anyone walked up to me and asked me to recommend them ONE iem it would be the TFZ T2 Galaxy. Its a bargain @ $60 and a steal at the $40 Drop price. I actually bought my T2 on a whim from Amazon while waiting for my No. 3 to arrive from China and I'm glad I took the chance.

    I was listening to the new Tool album last night and the T2 was so engaging, musical and dynamic, rather than listen to one track to see how it compared to the No.3 and Moondrop KXXS.....I ended up listening to the entire album.
  7. BadReligionPunk
    Very compelling stuff here. Good salesmanship on your part. So No3 or T2 if you had to pick one for Pop, Rock, Hip hop?
  8. Slater
    Is the TFZ T2 Galaxy to same thing as the TFZ Series 2? I don’t really follow TFZ, but their model naming convention is confusing for sure.

    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  9. baskingshark
    TFZ T2 galaxy and series 2 are different IEMs.
    But 100% agree their naming system is extremely confusing. For example there's TFZ my love 2019 edition, my love ltd, my love 2, my love 3. There's TFZ king pro, king ltd, king 2, king 3.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
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  10. Slater
    How does the Series 2 and T2 Galaxy compare? On paper, the specs appear quite similar. They both use the same driver (12mm double magnetic “2 divided circuit” graphene dynamic).
  11. nraymond
    I own TFZ IEMs, been following TFZ, and I’m still confused by their naming. (Not sure I could even call it a convention or a system.)
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  12. Slater
    Perhaps they throw a dart at a dart board. And on the board are words like “Series, Love, King, Queen, Galaxy, 2, 3, My, Ti, and Secret”. Then wherever the darts land, becomes the new model name?

    Examples include My Garden 2, Galaxy King 3, Secret Love Series, Ti Queen 2, etc. lol
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  13. baskingshark
    I only own the TFZ No. 3, so far haven't gotten any of their other models. They're a bit pricier than the usual KZ fare, but I like the DD tuning from the TFZ No. 3. Apparently the TFZ brand is known for good bass in their tuning.
    If the other headfiers vouch for the T2 Galaxy, I'm all game to try it at the next AE sale if it's cheap enough.

    Haha @Slater why not you and your colleagues at your blog do a review of some TFZ models? I think a lot of interested fans will come read your reviews.

    The best thing is they have some models that have the designation "one" behind their model name, but there is no 2 or 3. Example: TFZ tequila 1. No other tequila models after the tequila 1, when people expect there to be due to the naming.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  14. Slater
    I bought the green Series 2 when it was on sale at for $9.99 at Amazon with plans to review it. I just haven’t got around to it yet.

    That’s why I asked if the T2 Galaxy was the same basic thing. Because it’s $60 vs the $10 I paid for the Series 2. I doubt it sounds 6xs better vs the 6x higher cost.
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  15. Assimilator702
    It’s tough to recommend only one for all three genres since the T2 Galaxy does bring the bass a bit more and percussion hits are displayed with a vividness that lend well with hip hop. On most tracks it’s the recording and not the genre that I prefer one over the other. However the bass on the T2 Galaxy is outstanding and very visceral and subwoofer like when called for. A good example is Hiromi Trio Project releases Alive and Spark. Alive sounds better on the No.3 since the recording is very bright while Spark sounds better on the T2 Galaxy since it’s a slightly darker recording.Each recording sounds good on both but the No. 3 is more comfortable to listen to at louder volumes since its more relaxed in the treble while the T2 is brighter which could lead to fatigue when cranked up. This of course is using 2 examples of DR 9 recordings where the music and the mastering is very dynamic and sounds can reach out and hit a bit too hard if you crank up the volume on a softer passage which wouldn’t be an issue with most Metal, Rock and Pop recordings that are considerably more compressed.

    No. 3 is a bit more lush and relaxed in the treble. Still good detail with cymbals and percussion, great mids, solid bass that’s not overdone but the T2 Galaxy is like a hard dome tweeter vs a soft dome tweeter in the No. 3. And that is not in any way dogging either set as one is more relaxed sounding....No. 3 and the T2 Galaxy is in your face however both are fairly forward due to their higher sensitivity and still both fairly detailed while being very musical.

    So if you had tracks that are very aggressively mastered in the treble the No. 3 would be a better choice. If you have tracks that are a bit more laid back the T2 Galaxy would probably be the better choice.The new Tool album sounds absolutely AMAZING on the No.3 and is the primary reason I might not be keeping my Moondrop KXXS. The T2 Galaxy brings you into the recording a bit more. Danny Carey’s percussion from bass drums , floor toms to open snare and snare buzzes, cymbals sound spot on. And when he hits his gong at the tail end of 7empest.....Yes baby.....please give me more.

    No. 3 = standing 30 feet back at the House Of Blues with people between you and the PA influencing the sound. T2 Galaxy is the band doing sound check in that same empty venue with you standing in the perfect spotty the sound board with every gory detail shooting out of the speakers hitting your ear drums. Both are great.....T2 Galaxy is a bit more visceral from bass to treble and more lively due the space being empty. The treble never gets siblant or excessive which is surprising since I was running them off my Magni 3 which some consider bright and brittle sounding. I was expecting to have a headache after that marathon Tool session last night at fairly high volume and I felt fine when the music stopped.

    Both the No. 3 and T2 Galaxy are easy to recommend for any music style.......they will give a slightly different take on anything they’re playing. And BTW the My Love 2019 Edition fall somewhere between the 2 but are closer to the T2 Galaxy. Moondrop KXXS would be closer to the No. 3 with a bit less bass and a presentation that’s farther back and more relaxed and less engaging. With some live studio recordings like Hiromi Trio Project Alive it’s like your right there in the room with the musicians on the No. 3 with the KXXS you’re further away from the performers.
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