Cavalli cth 1.3 rev a parts list and instructions needed

  1. schwallman
    Hello, I have come and gone from headfi over the years. Recently got interested in tube amps again and always loved a cth that I bought in the fs forum here a few years ago. well they seem hard to come by already built so I am looking for the info on a parts list and instructions. already found a pcb, just need all the parts.

    I found this but seems a lot of parts are not available and I wouldn't know what to replace them with.

    does anyone still have instructions saved off somewhere?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. arteom
    Even thought they don't carry the CTH specifically, glassjaraudio does sell cavalli audio kits. You might consider reaching out to them to see if they have a parts list for the board. I think they used to carry the board sometime ago. Cavalli's website doesn't have much listed anymore, but there is still a contact form. You might try that. Spruce Canyon Labs was where I got my kit, their site is down, but I still have Bill's emails, let me know if you are unsuccessful I can reach out to him to see if they can send the parts list.

    There are also one or two threads here in the DIY subforum for the CTH, good chance some people there can help.
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  3. cfcubed
    Don't do much of this any longer but John pinged me & I offered this: "Times like this call for the Wayback Machine ( ). Typed in and the Jan 14, 2011 snapshot (press 18:13:09) looks like one of the "best" to me. Quick look indicates it has all the *text* of the CTH links but little or no images. Maybe you can find better. There are CTH pictures all over (elsewhere) I think."
    And attached 4 files I thought useful. I used zoomed up printed pages of a couple of them during builds.
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  4. schwallman
    Definitely a great start. Much appreciated

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