Cast Your Vote: Led Zeppelin or The Who?
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Led Zeppelin had better songwriting in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoy both bands, with the Who having the edge in the 'fun' department, but Zep never wrote a bad song.
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Though I have bought many recordings by both bands over the years I have no hesitation in voting for Led Zeppelin. I have seen both bands live. Robert Plant was/is light years better vocally and stage presence-wise over Roger Daltry. Same with Jimmy Page and Pete Townsend. IMHO no contest. Keith Moon/John Bonham closer, but Bonzo still wins in my book. Jones/Entwistle again, very close, very close...Entwistle might have the slightest edge on bass. (Jones' keyboard skills might give him the edge...too close to call...) Led Zeppelin opened for the Who on one of their tours...
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Led Zep, though I could do with listening to more of the who before judging. Best drummer I've heard in Bonham, Page on guitar, great, unusual vocalist in Plant and a tight, competent bassist in John Paul Jones, that, as a unit, exceeded the sum of their parts! Great band
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Really, really difficult one, but I'm gonna go with the Who, the ultimate hard rock band with somethin' to say.

Well put. Loved Zep, but still love The Who; not just in terms of the new music they're putting out (and also their touring), but I still listen to the old stuff as well. Can't really say that about Zep these days, although I enjoy it when I dust it off but that doesn't happen often.
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I am fascinated by early Led Zeppelin, it's the roots of Heavy Music...

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