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CAROLINAS CanFest 7 SUNDAY March 31st, 2019

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  1. DannyB Contributor
    In addition to Jack's terrific WA11, iFI was also kind enough to send us some goodies to check out at our upcoming CanFEST.
    fullsizeoutput_1c16.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1c14.jpeg
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  2. DannyB Contributor
  3. Afghan Vet
  4. TomNC
    I plan to join the meet.

    I’ll bring 1266CC driven by Vista Spark, and Verum 1 and HD 800 driven by MCTH.

    The 1266CC and 800 are available for sale to fund a preamp for my speaker system.

    Look forward to listening to the LCD-4, Ygg, KGBH, Moth 2a3, and whatever Headamp brings.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
  5. minibox
    Hotel is booked so I'm locked in. Looking forward to this.

    Chord Blu mk2
    Chord Dave
    Chord Hugo 2
    Bryston BDA-1


    Audeze LCD-i4 (Willing to discuss sale or trade)
    Focal Clear (Willing to discuss sale or trade)
    Hifiman hd-1000 V2
    Sennheiser HD800
    Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless
    Stax SR-009
  6. DannyB Contributor
    I need a little advice.

    Do ya'll think a $500 entrance fee and a $5000 per table fee is reasonable for this Sunday? I've got to make a profit "somehow, someday, somewhere"! Hmmm, those last three words are catchy. Maybe I'll write a song using them and have a storyline of two gangs fighting each other: tube heads VS solid state heads. After all, my last name IS Bernstein. By the way, I get the girl in the story. However, we don't die but escape to a beautiful tropical island with lots of pina coladas and live happily ever after. Please don't tell my wife.
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  7. Afghan Vet
    I think that is completely reasonable - I mean, come on? You don’t do this out of altruism.......not out of pure love for the hobby or fellow hobbyists.......their has to be a pecuniary motive - completely fair :blush:

    And the BMW is getting a little long in the tooth.......a Bentley sure would look good in that garage :grinning:

    BTW, Mark me down for the Tube Head side :metal:
  8. Afghan Vet
    Fun little piece - will be good to get some feedback from you all.

  9. Afghan Vet
    And I am going to be there - noticed I haven’t added my name and my stuff.


    AUARLiC Aries
    Astell & Kern SR15
    AUARLiC Vega DAC


    Eddie Current ZDS


    Sennheiser HD650
    Focal Utopia
    64Audio A6t

    I’m also bringing the set up in the pic above:

    iFi Pro iDSD
    iFi Pro iCan
    iFi xCAN-portable amp
  10. DannyB Contributor
    Sorry, you are too late to be able to sign up for this event.

    No more room. However, and don't tell anybody this, but I might be able to squeeze you in somewhere. Just remember to bring a couple thousand, in cash, as no checks from you, as a "gratuity". Another option would be your donating the Focal Utopia and ZDS and all Auarlic equipment to the cause...
    ..."The Danny Cause", a newly formed for non-declared profit organization. Your choice.
  11. DannyB Contributor
    I have just updated the list of attendees and equipment to the best of my ability...which is not very much. It's always good to have low expectations of oneself. It makes for fewer disappointments.
    Please take a look and if you don't see your name and/or equipment please let me know either on the thread or by PM.
  12. golfbravobravo

    Where is the list?

  13. DannyB Contributor
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
  14. minibox
    Bringing focal clear, audeze lcdi4 (open to discuss trade/sell for both)
    Hifiman he-1000 v2
    Blue Hawaii - stax sr-09
    Chord Dave
    Chord blu mkii
    Chord Hugo 2
  15. golfbravobravo
    I'll also bring a Vali2 and am pondering if I could have a working Roon setup.

    If so, would that be of interest do you think?
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