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Cant create new thread?

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  1. joe Administrator
    Hello @eternalrest !

    I just wanted to check which area you're referring to. If you're referring to the For Sale and Trade forums, yes, you are correct. To create a thread in that area, you need to have 15 posts and be a member of Head-Fi for a minimum of 30 days.
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Because they want people who participate in the forums, not just fly by night sellers. And 15 posts isn't all that hard to get if you actually do participate in discussions, considering just posting "it's so hard..." already counts as one post and replying to this one for any reason is another.
  3. eternairest
    I was talking about the buy/sale threads. Looking to buy a pair on andromedas (maybe vegas)
  4. joe Administrator
    Yes, while you can reply to threads there, you cannot create new ones until you have 15 posts and have been a Head-Fi member for 30 days.
  5. Mirror360
    Same with me! I started today
  6. voloner
    Does the number vary?
  7. chillearphonehub
    ok thanks
  8. Wretched Stare
    Have you tried Sound Reference Melbourne, I know they sell the Stello DA-100 Dac perhaps they service them as well.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  9. Hairguy
    Hi. Any balanced dac recommendations for pairing with a Liquid Platinum amp? I have a HD800 and Bifrost currently. Thanks
  10. TempoRoyale
    hi guy

    so it's 15 posts or 15 days
  11. joe Administrator
  12. TempoRoyale
    yes sir i new by the way wondering is take 15 post or 15 day to start new treand
  13. joe Administrator
    You should be able to do so now. Can you refresh your browser and try again?

    If you're still having an issue, would you be able to let me know what forum you are attempting to post in?
  14. dieterverberck
    When you have 15 posts , do you have to need approval from the moderator for beginning to sell in the shopping forum?
  15. dieterverberck
    ok im sorry ,i couldnt find the thread .
    Now im found it
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