CanJam SoCal 2021 Impressions Thread (September 25-26, 2021)
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Here it is, the CanJam SoCal 2021 Impressions thread!

Post your comments, show notes, and audio experiences here!
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For attendees: nice outside area for fresh air, mask fatigue or cleansing audio palate with natural freeway white noise.

directly east of main entry


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For those fortunate enough to attend: there will probably be less people than past CanJams from 2019 to current, so it will probably be less noisy. With that said: pick your best-known songs and please share your impressions on what you are listening and on what equipment. :)
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Wow, it’s way busy right now! :relaxed:

Just did a quick visual scan of the main ballroom, there is no exhibit that has an open seat atm.
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Great turnout! I really wish I was there. 😔

If the new flagships from Vision Ears are there, I hope to read lots of impressions. The EVO, too. 👍

Good luck you guys on the scavenger hunt. 😁
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YULONG Audio debuts DA1 at Booth D1, this is their ultimate Personal Audio Centre will AK4499 based DAC, Class A preamp and Headphone Amp in a two-box design. You are welcome to bring your own headphone to our booth to check out the DA1, but we have HEDDphone, Kennerton Rognir and HD800 ready on-site, if you want to check out the performance of these headphones with a high quality All-in-One setup, or are looking for a new DAC/HeadAmp for your new headphone, drop by AWEDYO Audio booth at D1 and give it a try.

For those who can't attend the CanJam and is interested to find out more about DA1, you can check out Project86's comprehensive review on DA1, or subscribe the DA1 Discussion Thread for product and technical details.

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