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CanJam @ RMAF 2018 Impressions (Oct 5-7, 2018)

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  1. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
    Thanks. I used to listen to many/most of my IEM un-amped when I'm mobile, but many like the W60 and W80 do show noticeable gains with an amp. Once I bought my BlueDAC which works great as a wired and wireless DAC/amp, it was easier to use an amp with my IEM more often.

    But, using IEM with an amp on my iPhone presents issues when I get a phone call. If I'm using a bluetooth amp then I can't use the iPhone's built-in Mic while listening to the call with the amp. So, I tend to use the W60 or W80 with BT cable, or via a mic cable right our of the lightning adapter. I found that the W60 are more easily driven than the W80, which is why I made that comment about the W80 responding to an amp. I didn't mean to imply that the W60 don't.

    I usually like to point out that the source (DAC) as the most important upgrade in the sound chain AFTER picking the headphone/earphone, but then an amp will add even further improvements in most cases (depending on the quality of the music player you are already using).

    Cables are usually my last upgrade, so it surprised me how much the W60, W80, and ES60 improved with the Moon-Audio Silver Dragon cable. It's not as big of an upgrade as a DAC or Amp, but the difference was was like changing the tips on a universal IEM to the best ones with the best synergy. My son bought a Silver Dragon for his JH16pro at the same time (traded me his Audioengine A2+ since he's getting their HD6 speakers). I tried it out and it also helped them a lot.

    My JH Audio Roxanne can sound okay when un-amped (lacking energy and excitement) and fantastic when amped where they really wake up and come alive. You definitely don't need the Roxanne if you plan to amp them, get the JH16pro in that case. But at CanJam this year I discovered that they became mind blowing when used with a 2.5mm balanced Black Dragon cable via my CEntrance BlueDAC. Once I receive my single ended Black Dragon adapter in a couple of weeks I will try them un-amped again. (Note - they didn't change much with a Silver Dragon cable, not better but not worse).

    The Westone ES60 are similarly stunning when paired with my 2.5mm balanced Silver Dragon cable - I'm leaving that cable on the ES60 full-time, and will use the included ALO cable with my W80, while my W50 and W60 are currently paired with the BT adapter. I'll likely go to a Mic cable with the W60 again (to squeeze the most out of them), and only use the W50 with BT which really complements the W50 due to good synergy.

    I got my son a BT cable for his W60 and he really likes it. Even though the sound is not as great as wired via BlueDAC, he can use the BT W60 for his ultra-mobile rig. On the other side of the coin, his BlueDAC and balanced Silver Dragon for his JH16pro will be his "transportable" HiFi rig. He's not planning to put a Mic cable back on his JH16Pro any time soon - he's a Silver Dragon fan for life. Now if he would just stop talking about wanting the ES60 for himself, and just focus on graduating college first.

    It's hard to imaging things getting better from here.

    PS: I gave my son a MODI and MAGNI for Xmas a few years back, and the Magni is actually a pretty good amp, which scales up with a better DAC. The MODI, I'd give it a pass. (haven't heard the newest Schitt yet).
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
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  2. Barra
  3. Voxata
    I went solely to try the Ether 2. Very impressed, tbh.
  4. Mediahound
    Does anyone know the background about the Lorin Rowan "My Father's Son" CD they were giving out on Friday when we picked up our badges? IE, why were they giving it out etc? It's from 1995, sounds pretty good but just curious why it was given out.
  5. Hifiearspeakers
    Any impressions would be helpful. How is the tonal balance, soundstage, comfort, etc.
  6. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
  7. BunnyNamedCraig
    Some play by play of my time at RMAF, and my favorites!Wanted to give y’all a taste if you didn’t get the chance to make it this year. Hope to see you next year!!
    Awesome Tapas restaurant my buds and I went to. Had live music playing and the Flanenco guitar was perfect for the atmosphere. Shout out to Tito Malaga for the tunes!

    I was really getting a closed Clear vibe out of this one...

    97F344FC-46DD-463D-81C4-3AB2954F22B9.jpeg 2174BD4A-A231-4B18-806B-32D24CD30FB6.jpeg
    Ribbon headphones from RAAL. Totally worth a listen... I was impressed.

    79397558-C9D5-47FE-9AEE-1E4523E07CC1.jpeg E47D20B0-51C3-461E-8FAF-CE525101061E.jpeg
    This one doesnt need much introduction now. They changed the finish on the Empyrean and it looks extra striking now... loved it out of the one tube amp they had.

    Whoah speed... that was the first thing I noticed about the new Ether 2. Not to mention the weight was super light!




    Wow this breakfast rocked!! We went to Snooze and it was a taste senseation. I told the waiter I needed 5 more slices of this French toast.

    Time to come back home. It was a really quick trip I must say. Time flies when your having fun :)

    “Hmm what did I forget to listen to...”
  8. capetownwatches
    @gLer It must be done before we are too old to enjoy it...:laughing: YOLO!
    Planning on being in LA next year, wanna tag along..? :airplane:
  9. capetownwatches
    And that's OK...maybe when you're big. :kissing_heart:
  10. phase0
    @HeadphoneAddict thanks for all those thoughts, interesting... I'll have to play around some more. I was trying foam tips today and not getting a good seal. I think I still like the med silcone tips best.

    LOL... I wonder... How do you like your Mobius? Good pics BTW...
  11. Zachik
    Comfort is great. Tonal balance: to my ears it sounded neutral, but not dry or too analytical. Soundstage was quite wide, which is not a big surprise for open backs.
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  12. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
    Mobius are really cool. The 3D sound works better with a bigger screen, like 15” MacBook but even better with 55” 4K TV late at night. It feels more gimmicky when used with an iPhone via BT to watch a movie. I do gaming on XBox sometimes, but not on my Mac, and to get the simulated 5.1 surround sound with USB DAC you need a PC or Mac.

    I’ve only evaluated them with BT on iPhone and MacBook and feel like they don’t have the Audeze house sound, but I’m still trying to figure out what I think. I can say they are not as energetic and punchy sounding as a V-MODA Crossfade Wireless II (which accentuate the bass), but rather more neutral and accurate sounding with excellent extension especially in the bass. Transparency is excellent so far.

    They are very light and don’t make my ears hot with a 90 minute movie like my Crossfade Wireless II, but they don’t isolate as well as the Crossfade Wireless II either. They feel flimsier or more fragile than the V-MODA, but Sankar tells me they drop tested these at 12 feet!
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  13. BunnyNamedCraig
    Hey thanks! I legit was in the plane wondering what I forgot to listen to and thought it would be a funny way to end my trip. I feel it’s a common feeling among people who go to these!

    I dig the Mobius. I always have the 3D on now when I listen to music and enjoy that presentation a lot with the “music” preset.

    Since I am a console gamer though I don’t get to utilize the cans as much as I wanted though :frowning2: (I did know this going in, an thanks to people in the Mobius thread I knew about that before buying). Thankfully the headtracking still works with stereo and I find that to actually be very convincing, and it doesn’t make me miss 7.1 as much.

    A side note- I love the fact that the cups can lay flat on my shoulders when I have them around my neck. It makes them a fantastic can to walk around with. Made being in the airport and the plane a breeze
  14. Mediahound
    A VERY quick walk through of CanJam 2018. Yes, I should have gone slower. I must have had too much caffeine :wink: It at least gives those who didn't attend a general idea -

  15. fzman Contributor
    Hey Dude! Thyanks for not calling me for breakfast-I am stunned... lol
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