CanJam London 2023 Impressions Thread
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CanJam has returned to London for 2023, and this is the place to share all of your impressions and experiences from the show. Of course it's not limited to just the CanJam London exhibit space: let us know everything that catches your eye in and around CanJam London this weekend.

Missed our CanJam London Preview Video? Then check it out here for just a taste of everything you can audition at CanJam London 2023.

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Warming up with some xMEMS IEMs on the train. :)
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On my way 😊 dragging my other half along too

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It’s CanJam London Day 1 and we’re ready to go! Don't miss dCS in Plaza Suite 11.

As well as the full Lina stack, today you can demo Bartók APEX paired with the Lina Master Clock and Headphone Amplifier.

Test your own headphones, or choose from our extensive range, including brands ZMF Headphones, Sennheiser, HIFIMAN Electronics, Abyss Headphones, Audeze, Spirit Torino and Meze Audio.

Next door in Suite 9 you can experience the dCS Lina DAC running alongside the Sennheiser HE 1. By appointment only.

You can also demo dCS Lina in the ballroom with our friends & partners Audeze or in the ZMF Room, Suite 10.

Also in the ballroom- don’t miss dCS Rossini APEX Player and Clock with Hifonix!

dCS Stay updated on dCS at their sponsor profile on Head-Fi.
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Is there an actual reason that the floor plan and programme can't be posted? The floor plan was posted in the preview thread but it was removed - although it carried through in the notification email I received, so I have it. I suggested a preview of the programme in the preview thread but whilst it got some likes received no response. A preview of the programme would be useful to those now going on Sunday and would be interesting to a lot of people not able to make it. What's the story?
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Before the rest of the show impressions I want to compliment the team and volunteers on the event and on a slick check in processing. "Someone" took a chance with the local train timing notwithstanding appointment #3 with the HE 1. Never at risk
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Lina as the DAC going into the analogue inputs on the HE 1 👍
I could imagine that this will be a noteable upgrade to the internal DAC.

Too bad I can't attend Canjam this time

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