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CanJam London 2017 Impressions Thread (July 15-16, 2017)

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  1. joe Administrator
    Post your CanJam London 2017 impressions in this thread, and follow along with everyone's photos and impressions!
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  2. TokenGesture
    Have a great meet looking forward to living vicariously on this thread!
  3. Sound Eq
    hope u shed light on ibasso it04 iem
  4. HeadAmpTeam
    We have the new HIFIMAN Susvara facing off against the Audeze LCD4 in a battle of planar magnetic titans this weekend at the HeadAmp table powered by our GS-X MkII. Come have a listen!

    tmp_7123-2017_0715_02055600-01470106217.jpeg tmp_7123-2017_0715_02070200-011574492399.jpeg
    HeadAmp Stay updated on HeadAmp at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/HeadAmp https://twitter.com/HeadAmp https://www.instagram.com/headamp/ https://www.headamp.com/ sales@headamp.com
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  5. smial1966
    Attendees please visit the Trilogy Audio and/or Electromod stands and post photo's of the new H1 electrostatic headphone amplifier. Brief listening impressions (show conditions notwithstanding) would be appreciated too. :L3000:
  6. Ra97oR
    The ibasso IT03 is great.
  7. sgtbilko
    Sadly, I can't be there.

    Be sure to post lots of images and reviews!

  8. bmichels
    IMG_5308.JPG Battle of the titans. For my taste, Shure wins. Incredibly sweet & musical while being close to reality !
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  9. Sound Eq
    if u attended it many are more cursious about it04 than the already established it03
  10. paul2qute
    I've spoke to Paul from hi-fi lounge and he said on the launch day he sold a couple so it must be good
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  11. Micha
    Enjoy a lots ... would love to be in London right now :)
  12. KEV G
    Just got back from CanJam today where I was hoping to meet Moedawg140 to have a listen to his Andromeda, but couldn't find him. Every time I tried to find him, I got completely distracted with all the wonderful toys there. My first CanJam and did know which way to turn next, fantastic day. I have to give a huge thanks to the guy working on the main reception desk for letting me sit down behind the desk and have a good listen to his Andromeda. I didn't even get his name, so if you read this all I can say is thank you thank you thank you and I've just ordered the Andromeda :beerchug:
  13. duotone
    Just back home from the show.

    Had a good time down there, was good to see/hear all the equipment I had been thinking about buying over the past year or so. TBH it made me realise that I am happy with the Sennheiser HD600 & B&W P7 I have been using up until this point. Maybe it was the room & background noise but the HiFiMan & Audeze products I tried (and wanted to hear for years) didn't convince me anywhere near enough that I wanted to purchase them. Saying that, the Stax headphones I tried were the best sounding ones I personally heard on the day.

    Saw "MOEDAWG 140" in the Arsenal kit down there having a walk around!

    Anyway, it was great to have all of the products all together in one room available for listening & it was very well run down there & the location was really good.
  14. KEV G
    Think I'll buy him a CHESEA shirt for the next London CanJam :ksc75smile:
  15. Chris1975
    Thoroughly enjoyed my time at CanJam today.
    • Auditioned the Shangri-La System which was beautiful. Though I bloody hope so for that price!
    • Was awed by the style and design of the Kennerton equipment
    • Simply loved the BeyerDynamic DT 1990s and thought the team were a lot of fun. They have some great products.
    • Tried the Hugo 2 and compared it with the Mojo (it was immediately clear that the H2 was better. Though, again, I hope so at that price!)
    • Enjoyed chatting with the Chasing the Dragon team. Ask Mike Valentine to play you the same track in Stereo and then Binaural. He's also got some gorgeous music on sale.
    • Compared the Sennheiser HD 650 and 800s with my own travel pair (DT 770s).
    • And much more...
      IMG_1008.JPG IMG_1010.JPG IMG_1012.JPG IMG_1014.JPG IMG_1016.JPG IMG_1018.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2017
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