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i am however working on a problem that involves extending a closed system to be both incomplete and inconsistent at the same time and i think that that is where the word inconsistent crept in. let me also add that i have gotten nowhere in the past 3 weeks since i started working on this problem. soooooooooooo...any ideas?

Remember the guy who goes to the doctor - and yes, I am a Ph.D.
- and asks what he should do about his arm? The doctor says "What's wrong with it"? "Well, it hurts when I do this."

"Stop doing that then!"

I'm not quite sure why you're extending a system to make it inconsistent - there be dragons - unless you have some wild hope of making it consistent with further modifications. But we're continuing OT...but at least with some humor
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well im just exploring different ideas to see what can be done in terms of which branch of mathematics to explore further. had a stint with combinatorics and game theory and both failed miserably on account of being dead ends. this current project seems to hold the most promise partly due to its elusiveness evident from me not making any noticeable headway for quite some time now and because it hasnt been tackled much before except for by sir russell. why am i trying to do it...well because i think it would be cool to see if i could make something so odd happen on paper. i agree with what you said - there be dragons but in the words of my grandfather, "math that doesnt keep you up all night or for a week for that matter is boring and not worth doing."
finally, i have no intentions of making the system consistent again, i just want to try it to see if it can be done at all. afterall, wasnt rsa developed for strictly theoretical reasons? 3/4th of the way through they realised, HEY! we could make a crapload of money off of this.

another one of the problems ive been working on for quite a while can be found here -

might be of a wee bit interest to you mazz

and i think i have hijacked this thread enough and i thank the mod gods for not punishing me.

so i had fun at canjam, how about you guys?
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Originally Posted by crappyjones123 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Descartes to a tavern was drawn;
Took a table outside, on the lawn.
Said the serving wench, 'Dear,
Would you care for a beer?'
'I think not.' And like that, he was gone.
(Nester Macavity)

i think there was a cartoon of that joke as well but i cant seem to find it =/

This is veering dangerously close to YouTube - Bruce's Philosophers Song

Remind anyone of elements of Can Jam '08?
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"This is veering dangerously close to YouTube - Bruce's Philosophers Song

Remind anyone of elements of Can Jam '08?"

id send this to my current philosophy teacher who is also my advisor but i dont think that will go too well for when it is time for me to ask her for a recommendation letter.

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