CanJam 08: Team Florida Invites All Their Friends...
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...And steals their lunch money.

Yes, it has begun. The meet room has been established, most of the gear is set up, and we've already consumed several barrels of beer and whiskey. The late nighters are rough and ready for an impressions thread to start spewing their drunken musings. As usual, you can expect 3 pages of static before any mention of gear starts to happen.
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Are we having fun yet? Here's stevieo after just 1/2 of the pre meet party ...

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philodox's McAlister Audio Massive Attack w/ Eastsound E5 & balanced K340

bperboy's DIY "Millett Lite" & Millett Max

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if i may state the obvious (to anyone who's ever followed florida meet threads), these guys 'n gals, er gal, know how to throw a party ! - in the form of a meet. it's going on 3 am and stevio has woken up refreshed from his nap in the tub while the gang in room 5xx are chowing down and then complaining about how spicy their pizza is, after spending a few hours lubing their gullets with microbrews and single malt whiskeys.
i had a productive day, in audio terms , checking out some very cool gear during set up day and forming some impressions of how different gear stacks up. i had the opportunity to do lots of cool and nerdy comparisions such as seeing how a 701 compares to a balanced 701 with stock cables vs a 701 with balanced cardas cables. or how a senn 650 with a 580 cable compares to one with a stock cable vs one with a cardas single ended cable vs one with a balanced cardas cable. justin has set up the prototype of the lastest incarnation of the famous blue raincoat, er blue hawaii (obligatory leonard cohen reference...) e'stat amp. it sounded sweet playing some sacds via the latest stax O2s! it should sound even better tomorrow after they have a chance to properly charge up. i can hardly wait! philodox brought his famous amp (whaddabeaut!) and 340s (if you don't know what i'm talking about search for it) and nmaher will be debuting his latest creation. vinnie of red wine was busy soldering up some cool toys for auditioning tomorrow. ray had his usual range of lovely amps and i got a nice listen to his balanced r10s being driven by his b52 - 'twas very easy on the ears! the wizard Oz was busy getting his 'let there be sound' room assembled and it should be really nice! lots of other folks were setting up plenty of drool inducing rigs. there will be many pix and impressions to follow but i gotta either get back to the party or get some sleep, so later my fellow head-fiers (and why aren't y'all here?!?).
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n_maher's "The Menace" and other builds

Klipsch table w/ new Palladium speakers and IMAGE X5

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HeadAmp table - Sony SCD-1, Blue Hawaii SE prototype, Pico

thrice's self-built 6-channel balanced Beta 22 (now owned by Voltron)

agile_one's setup w/ Accuphase DP-77

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Ray Samuels Audio table

Ultimate Ears table

Member tables

Moon Audio table w/ new Cary equipment

Sennheiser table

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Member tables (more)

Woo Audio table

Edwood's setup w/ Grace m902

grawk's setup w/ woody HF-1, Apogee Duet, balanced Mini^3

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boomana's setup with Lector 0.6, First Watt F1, Extreme PlatinumT

Headphone owners unknown

My CanJam Rig - 4-channel balanced Beta 22 off bel canto CD-1

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And three impressions:

HeAudio electostatic headphone w/ Woo Audio GES

"Appalachian" style music was playing on this system. The detail was phenomenal, the last time I heard detail near this level was the HE60 off a Singlepower Concerto ES back in '06. Every single layer was beautifully presented, completely naturally with no harshness. Very detailed, and still very musical, as I could still easily get the "feeling" of the music.

philodox's McAllister Massive Attack w/ Headphile balanced K340

I went into this one with the goal of finding out what made it great for Massive Attack's music.
Not quite up to the level I was expecting, but very, very cool nonetheless. Bass went rough and deep and there was plenty of detail. The K340 still sounded like a K340 to me though, with a slight treble etch and a "hollow" mid-range tendency. It was still awesome specifically for Massive Attack though.

naamanf-built 4-channel balanced Beta 22

I commissioned this build from naamanf and he shipped directly to Florida upon completion. Until today I had not seen it in person. It looked nice, but did it sound as good? Well I'm not totally sure yet. The meet conditions made it impossible to get a clear handle on it, but I did hear an obvious advantage to balanced over single-ended with my Equinox-balanced K701 with greater soundstage lift (more front-to-back and left-to-right), greater ease to the sound (more fluid), and more dynamic swing.

I'll hear much more of what this amp offers when I return home in June.

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