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Can Con Sydney Australia 7.0 - Impressions Thread -

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  1. sandalaudio
    Great event!
    Thanks for the organiser pkwak for the excellent arrangement as usual.
    This was the highlight for me. It can't get more ridiculous than that
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  2. ozrayyau
    It's my head on the corner  [​IMG] 
  3. sandalaudio
    More photos
    Too many HD800's at the venue, becoming very confused about who owns which one.
    Sony should give us a special award for having three (independent) MDR-F1 at the venue....
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  4. UntilThen
    My highlight of the day was rolling headphones. It's more fun than rolling tubes. [​IMG]
    First headphone I tried was the Focal Elear which sounded very good on my Euforia tube amp. Much better than my modded HD650. Next was the Utopia and that was a mistake because I didn't want to hand it back. Much better than my T1 on my own amps. Thanks to @Sefu for bringing those headphones and more.
    I was very impressed with the HD800 with the cardas cable that belong to @Jimmyboei . Sounded perfect on my tube amps. That Sony top of line headphone sounded good too but cannot compare to the Utopia. Beyer Amiron sounded good too and I own a T1, so that's saying something. MrSpeaker Ether Flow was good too. Impressed with it. I had no idea it's a Ether Flow and a closed back till Wing told me. 
    Heard @intlsubband  modded HE500 and it was solid. Love it. The Oppo PM1 was good too. Tried a couple of Grados - not bad at all. :)
    Basically I ran out of time to try every headphone there but it was great to meet everyone. Some old faces that I've met last year and new ones. 
    Lastly my thanks to Paul and Nori, for without you this would not have been possible. 
    Ps.. oh I did listen to Chord Hugo TT with Ether Flow. It is very nice indeed. Jimmy's setup of Yggy DAC and Ragnorak amp is substantial too.
    Pss.. thanks to Peter for letting me use his GEC 6AS7G on my Euforia. Lovely tubes. [​IMG]
  5. sandalaudio
    Something interesting was that many people who brought along a substantial amp setup had also brought HD800 as the reference.
    I remember the previous Sydney meeting last year was exactly when the HD800S came out, and a lot of people were wondering about upgrading etc.
    I guess the majority decided to stay loyal to the HD800, because we didn't see anyone bringing HD800S to the meeting.
    Considering that HD800 was released in 2009 (eight years ago...) it's amazing how it doesn't get old.
  6. Mightygrey
    Hey guys, great to meet you all yesterday. Thanks to everyone who lugged in all their gear, and thanks Paul for organising. 
    Was awesome to try out an impressive array of cans on some awesome, yet equally different set-ups.
    Couple of thoughts from me:
    Overall favourite headphones: Ether Flows (thanks Wing for bringing along!); loved these on both the Hugo TT as well as my own humble Modi 2U/Asgard 2 stack. Build/comfort was off the chart; and top to bottom super coherent. Enjoyed them more than the Utopia's. 
    Biggest surprise: intlsubband's modded Grados with Alessandro MS1 drivers. Loved your HE-500's too mate. 
    'Fun' headphones: sandalaudio's TH600's
    Most revealing combination: Balanced HD800's on Jim's Rag/Yggy stack (detail!)
    Favourite portables: Beyer T51p
    Interesting pairing: Stock HD650's on Jon's Jotunheim/Gungnir stack. Somewhat coloured, but laid-back and smooth as butter. 
    What would I like to see next year? LCD-X; ZMF Atticus/Eikon
  7. thecrow
    Mightygreyif you're wondering about the eikon i have heard it with my woo wa2 and i felr these impressions from another member were pretty spot on with my thoughts if that's of any use post 2243

  8. thecrow
    It was great having some new faces there. New faces with different gear thats never been there before

    And good to see some previous faces with new gear too.

    Thanks to Wing for coming too
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  9. jgosroc
    Thanks to Paul for teeing up the magic, for Nori's outstanding collection/obsession, for Wing bringing iems that make me happy, nice attending my first Can Con!
  10. Mightygrey
    Ah awesome thecrow, cheers mate. 
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  11. tumble
    It was SO much fun. Thanks Paul and everyone else!

    My biggest pleasant surprises were:

    * The size of Nori's collection!

    * The number of Sony MDR-F1 fans.

    * Nori's iSine 20s. I wasn't sure what I thought of the bass (I wish I could have tried them on for much longer in order to make up my mind about that), but the clarity of the treble and the mids was really unbelievable in such a small phone. These were the only phones I might want to buy. (Mind you, I arrived to late to try the Focals.)

    * intlsubband's modded HE500s. I felt like they were a bit of a compromise (lacking the clarity of electrostatics, for example), but SUCH a good compromise, with a really wonderful bass. These were the phones I most didn't want to take off.
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  12. tumble
    The only thing I wish I'd done differently: next time I'm going to try to bring a portable player with a digital output, to make it easier to try other people's DACs with my own music.
  13. sandalaudio
    Yes, I was walking around with my AK DAP + optical cable to connect to a other people's DACs like a nomad.
    I wish if there is a nice transport DAP that has coax S/PDIF, TOSLINK Optical and USB out, so that it can work with any DAC you throw at it.
  14. tumble

    Is that a pun?

  15. fdhfdy
    sorry but what is the huge u shape headphone on the guys head?
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