Can Con Sydney Australia 7.0 - Impressions Thread -

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  1. tumble

    It's a Jecklin Float (dynamic version).
  2. sandalaudio
    I was able to listen to that thing briefly, and despite its odd shape, it sounded surprisingly "normal".
    It reminded me the old generation of studio monitor headphones, like DT880 or K500. It was very clean and refined, but not much going for it in terms of tonal richness.
    I was actually quite disappointed because it sounded so decent. I was expecting something totally weird. [​IMG] 
  3. tumble

    Made me laugh.
  4. thecrow
    Fyi : it seems A2A are clearing out there metrum product at ridiculous prices!!!!
    (I love my hex dac)

    May all/some be demo models
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  5. thecrow
  6. wink
    An Ergo
  7. UntilThen
    Hi guys, got some new additions to my setup since the last meet.

    Bought a Yggy and HD800 from A2A about 3 weeks ago in Newtown.

    Also bought NOS pairs of GEC 6as7g and 6080. These tubes sounds really nice and comes with original GEC boxes and brand new. Very pleased. :)

    Oh Yggy.... simply amazing after 2 weeks and still improving. So articulate and natural sounding. There is absolutely no fatigue from my HD800 with Yggy and my tube amp. Makes me listen for long hours like a lunatic.
  8. pkwak
    Guys, would you guys be interested in another meet (Can Con 7.5) on 11 November 2017?
  9. UntilThen
    Yes. I have new gear now. :)

    I will have Yggdrasil, Ragnarok, HD800 and ZMF Eikon plus 2 Forza Audioworks cables.... and Gec 6as7g and Gec 6080 tubes.

    So bring it on. Would love to catch up with everyone again.
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  10. Mightygrey
    Sounds great. I've finally finished my Crack and Speedball!
  11. thecrow
    Bring it along if you can

    Nov 11 good for me
  12. UntilThen
    Nov 11 is a Sat. Can we get Wink to come along. I want to hear his Blue Hawaii and Stax again.
  13. UntilThen
    Does anyone have a DNA Stratus and / or EC Zana Deux Super? Would love to hear those amps.
  14. pkwak
  15. alphanumerix1
    Are these still happening if so how does one get involved?
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